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Daniel, Senior

“I believe that the most enjoyable aspect of campus life is being able to see your closest friends and instructors on a regular basis.”

Caroline Odden

Instructor and Chair; Tang Institute Fellow. Caroline Odden's Astronomy Research class discovered a rare binary asteroid in 2016.

view full profile ceodden@andover.edu

Ai-jen Poo ’92

National labor organizer and leader. 2016 Fuess Award honoree.

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Kevin “KO” Olusola ’06

Beatboxer for the Grammy-winning a capella group Pentatonix and an accomplished cellist.

Donny Slater

When you see Dr. Slater ask him about his most recent expedition to the Yucatan and his Maya research

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Hafsat Abiola ’92

Activist helping to promote democracy and improve the lives of the women in Nigeria.

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Lauren, Senior

“Andover is a place of growth. You learn not to learn but to take risks, do good in the community, and lead by example.”

Seth Moulton ’97

Served four tours in Iraq as a Marine, left the service in 2008 with the rank of Captain and moved on to a career in politics.

Abby, Senior

Plays soccer, manages the varsity baseball team and created a prosthetic hand in The Nest to donate to a nonprofit.

Megan Paulson

"My area of interest and dissertation topic is "Culture as an educative factor in identity development: Black Appalachia 1940-1970".

view full profile mpaulson@andover.edu

Olivia Wilde ’02

Best known for her role as Dr. Remy "Thirteen" Hadley on the award winning medical-drama House.

Nick Kip

"Yes, I'm still teaching Latin, Greek and Etymology, which I've helped keep alive and well at Andover."

view full profile nkip@andover.edu

Raj Mundra, P’20

"At Andover, we're always striving to know something really well. Traveling reminds you that you can't always do that."

view full profile rmundra@andover.edu

Sarah Sherman ’04

Member of the Mars 2020 mission team.

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William, Senior

"Music at Andover is a candy store with endless opportunities. I have written compositions, jammed in a band, and played around the world."

George H. W. Bush ’42 P’64, ’71, ’75

Veteran, Congressman, Ambassador, CIA Director, Vice-President, President.

Jair, Upper

Copy editor for The Phillipian, board member for Out of the Blue, and member of Alianza Latina and Chinese Language Club.

Anne Gardner

“The Rev” also serves as a house counselor, club advisor and indoor track and field official.

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Need-Blind Admission

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Learning in the World

Andover is committed to educating global citizens. With programs in diverse regions of the world, LITW gives Andover students the opportunity to study off campus and experience a culture unlike their own.

The brand new Snyder Center features a 200-meter track and convertible infield, 12 squash courts, spaces for intramurals sports and events, along with a state-of-the-art trainers’ room.