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Be daring. First of all, don’t be afraid to apply. I never thought I’d even get into Andover. But I got in—and I got financial aid. Without it, I wouldn’t be here.

Karissa Upper | Coral Springs, FL

You come to Andover because of the 1,100 other students who come to Andover. They are, as our founding charter calls for them to be, “youth from every quarter.” They’re talented in quirky and serious ways, they have ideas and opinions like— but mostly unlike—yours, they have fascinating histories and surprising ambitions and generous hearts. They come because they love ideas and learning and discovering. And they come because maybe you will be here too.

Meet the Admissions Team

The Andover Admission Office is eager to assist you as you search for an independent high school.

Jill Thompson

"It is wonderful to be a part of a community where students, faculty, and staff can feel comfortable being who they are."

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Vivien Valenzuela Mallick

Addicted to social media. You should follow her on Instagram @AndoverAdmissions and on Twitter @Admissions01810.

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Heidi Jamieson

“The best part of my job is having the opportunity to speak with families, not only about financial aid, but about themselves.”

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Kevin Graber

In addition to his work in Admission, KG a.k.a. Legend, is also the coach of our varsity baseball team.

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Jessica Acosta-Chavez ’06

"One of my favorite things is seeing a student light up when they talk about their passions."

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Charles “Trey” V. Brown ’12

Complementary house counselor in French House and varsity football coach

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Sarah H. Carroll

“I’m really excited to be part of a residential community again. I’m thrilled to immerse myself in all aspects of boarding school life.”

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Peter Dignard ’07

“I look forward to guiding students through the process and hopefully seeing them on campus one day.”

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Terrell Ivory ’00

While working as Director of Basketball Operations at Davidson College, TI shared the bench with a young Steph Curry.

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Jamie Hagerman Phinney

Assistant Director of Admission

Lela A. Paultre

Assistant Director

Emilie Cliquet Hughes

Admission Interviewer

Jessica Bunting P’21

Admission Interviewer

Sarah Mees P’22

Admission Interviewer

Amy Turk P’20, ’22

Admission Interviewer

Eva Cirelli

Admission Administrator, Parent of Gabbie ’12

Andrea Prescott Gerakaris P’21

Manager, Admission & Financial Aid Business Process, Parent of Ethan ’21

Sloan Kennedy

Coordinator of Special Projects

Jo LaBelle

Office Manager and Personal Application Advisor for 10th Grade Applicants

Terri Layton

Personal Application Advisor for 11th/12th Grade and Postgraduate Applicants

Jo-Anne Love

Manager of Admission Operations & Information Services, Parent of Jamie ’06

Madeline Minahan

Personal Application Advisor for 9th Grade Applicants, Parent of Kathleen '03

Irene Tucker

Personal Application Advisor for 9th Grade Applicants

Follow Peter '20, Lizzy '21, and Nishani '23 as they take you through a typical day of classes at Phillips Academy.

One of the Latin mottoes on our seal translates as “the end depends on the beginning.” Andover is a place where we’re always beginning. We’re always discovering new opportunities, experimenting with a new approach, finding courage to take risks. We’re always looking for new ways to reach out to people in need, to work together with new communities. Always making room for you to be your most honest, authentic, daring self.

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