Billing and Financial Information

All charges must be paid for by their due dates to assure the student's place at the Academy. A late fee of 1.5% for each month or portion thereof may be assessed to each account on amounts not paid by the due date. Tuition and fees are due as noted in the Tuition Payment Options description. Other charges incurred by the students during the year are due upon issuance of the statement.

Acceptable means of payment for the student invoice are:

Note: the above information was updated in July 2023

A $50 charge will be assessed each time a check presented in payment of a student's account is not honored by the bank. If the returned check was the means of meeting a payment deadline, the deadline will not be considered met and the appropriate late charges will be applied. The Academy automatically, and without notice, redeposits all returned checks one time.

Comptroller's Office Contacts

Tina Rioux, Bursar

Christopher George, Accounts Receivable Specialist

Dawn Gallagher, Associate Comptroller—Financial Operations and Systems