COVID-19 Updates for the Phillips Academy Community

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Andover Summer

COVID-19 and Andover Summer

While we had hoped to be able to run our on-campus programs this summer, it has become evident that we will not be able to proceed with any of our residential or day programming given the continuing public health challenges arising from covid-19. This is incredibly disappointing to all of us here at Andover Summer, as we have been working hard all year long to prepare to provide our nearly 700 summer students with a transformative residential experience. However, we are pleased to be able to offer a number of academic courses through our eSummer at Phillips Academy program, and encourage interested students and families to consider this as a summer alternative. We have emailed all enrolled families with information about enrolling in eSummer, securing refunds, applying acceptance to 2021, and other options given our decision to suspend on-campus programming. Please watch the video below for more information.

Beth Friedman, Director of Summer Session and Outreach, sharing an update about Andover Summer 2020 and COVID-19, April 27, 2020.

Established in 1942, Phillips Academy's Summer Session in Andover, Massachusetts, is the premier summer academic enrichment program in the country helping students from across the United States and around the world to achieve their educational goals. For five weeks, students with ambitious academic goals prepare for the rigors of the best colleges and the challenge of leading and serving in this complex world. Through an extensive array of both innovative and traditional courses, Andover Summer brings together more than 600 students from all parts of the world for the experience of a lifetime.

“Summer at Andover should be liberating for both students and faculty members. Teaching and learning by choice, surrounded by peers of the highest caliber, results in the kind of inspiration that will last a lifetime.”

Beth Friedman Director of Summer Session and Outreach

Summer at Andover is a fun, educational, and life-changing experience.
Outreach Programs

Andover has long served as a resource for students and as a partner to educators nationally and worldwide. These four programs take place on campus during summer at Andover.

People of Andover Summer

Meet the educators who bring Andover Summer to life.

Andrew Bedell

Dean Bedell has been part of the Summer faculty for the past twenty-one summers.

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Tammy Andrew

Computer Science Teacher

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Chris Capano

“I have the awesome job of overseeing the social scene on campus.”

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Emily Bedell

LSI Coordinator

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Michelle Musto

History Teacher

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Erik Huber

English Teacher

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Stephanie Curci

Department Chair. “We’re all constantly learning from one another, and the students keep teaching me how to teach them.”

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Mike Motherway

Robotics Teacher

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Victor Leos

(MS)2 Math Teacher

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Erin Peterson

English Teacher

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Mike Geiwitz

(MS)2 Physics Teacher

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Scenes From Summer

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