Terrell Ivory ’00

While working as director of Basketball Operations at Davidson College, TI shared the bench with a young Steph Curry.

Associate Director of DEI Outreach & Associate Director of Admission

A native of Charlotte, North Carolina, Terrell Ivory ’00 returned to Andover in July 2012. He was a member of the men’s basketball coaching staff at Colgate University and previously director of basketball operations at Davidson College. Prior to that, Ivory served as a math teacher, dorm parent, and coach at Blair Academy in New Jersey and on the faculty of Andover’s (MS)2 summer program.

After completing a postgraduate year at PA in 1999-2000, Ivory attended Davidson College, where he majored in sociology and played Division I basketball. “I fell in love with Andover as a student,” Ivory says. “I met so many amazing people, and the experiences I had changed my life forever. Coming back to be part of the admission team was an easy decision. I enjoy helping students and their families learn more about all of the wonderful things that Andover has to offer.” In addition to his responsibilities in the admission office, he is a house counselor in Stearns House, a dorm for 10th-12th grade boys, and head coach of the Andover boys’ varsity basketball team.

Have questions about the admission process? Email Terrell.

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