Fall Term Information for Phillips Academy Families

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Safety and Support

High school students, no matter how smart or accomplished they are, need reliable and consistent adult guidance. There are approximately 600 adults on the Andover campus. Many of them will see your child on a near-daily basis, providing academic guidance and support and helping your child balance studying, athletics, extracurriculars, socializing, and fun.

Your child’s core support team will be in frequent communication with one another about your student’s academic progress and physical/emotional wellness. Most importantly, your child’s primary adult contact—the house counselor for boarding students and the advisor for day students—will be in touch with you at regularly scheduled times.

A large and important foundation of support for your child is the Andover student body. These young people aren’t just smart. They’re nice. All students—including dorm prefects and proctors, dormmates, teammates, club members, and classmates—look out for one another, providing study support, tutoring, and friendship.

House Counselors

Focused on day-to-day issues related to a boarding student’s well-being, house counselors live in the dorms, where they create a warm, home-like environment, maintain safe conditions and a good study climate, a make sure the rules are followed.


Every student has an advisor who offers guidance on a variety of topics, including course selection, and helps students manage homework and activities. Students and advisors meet weekly, as well as at individually scheduled times, to talk about challenges and successes.


Students interact with five or six different teachers each term. During regular 30-minute conference periods, students are encouraged to visit teachers in the classroom to review coursework, ask questions, or just talk about how things are going.


Student-athletes often develop close friendships with their coaches. The same genuinely caring relationship can form with faculty members who advise a student’s favorite club, help them in the library, lead their musical ensemble, direct a dance or theatre performance, and so on.


Prefects, proctors, day student mentors, cluster presidents, and other selected student leaders support and mentor their peers. Proctors, for example, are like older siblings. They help make dorm life fun and act as liaisons between house counselors and students.

Academic Skills Center Team

Learning specialists from the ASC meet with individual students as needed and host workshops throughout the year to teach time management, organizational, and study skills.

A Commitment to Student Well-Being

Guided by our shared community values and the expectation of respect for self and others, we strive to foster a supportive and healthy learning environment that nurtures each student’s personal growth and intellectual development.

Sykes Wellness Center

The Rebecca M. Sykes Wellness Center is open 24/7. Students can drop in anytime for medical care, guidance, or information.

Campus Safety

Friendly faces seen all across campus, the Academy’s Campus Safety officers patrol 24/7. They can be reached quickly at 978-749-4444 and are always ready to assist.

Staying Connected, Getting Involved

Keeping families in the loop is an Academy priority. If your child is accepted to Andover, you will learn more about:

  • The Hive: an online portal and information exchange
  • Parent Bulletin and Andover eNews: biweekly enewsletters
  • Parent Directory: a helpful listing of fellow parents & guardians
  • Family Weekend: an October gathering on campus
  • Parents of Students of Phillips Academy (PSPA): a volunteer organization that helps families from around the world connect with the Academy and their students

Your Student’s Support Structure

Andover students are supported and cared for by a full team of adults—and some really nice peers.

Jenny K. Elliott ’94, P’22

“Students do best when they take advantage of Andover's support structures while tapping into their own developing values.”

view full profile jelliott@andover.edu

David Gardner

Instructor and Pine Knoll Cluster Dean


Aggie Kip

Nutritionist, Registered Dietician

Raj Mundra

"At Andover, we're always striving to know something really well. Traveling reminds you that you can't always do that."

view full profile rmundra@andover.edu

Martha Fenton ’83

“My passions are much the same as when I was a student, except now I am on the teaching and coaching sides of wellness and sports.”


Paul Murphy ’84 P’16, ’19, ’22

“I try not to pigeonhole kids. When they come to a place like this, they should be able to redefine themselves as much as they want to.”

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Julie Powers

Administrative Assistant