A Place to Call Home

What’s it like to live where you go to high school? Pretty awesome. 

Life at Andover is what you make it. Want to start a club on sports analytics? Looking to become a mentor for younger students in the dorm? Interested in giving back to the local community? If you have something, anything that you want to pursue, it can be done at Andover. 

Lawning is a serious verb at Andover. Relax with a good book, stream the latest Spotify release, or toss around a frisbee on the Great Lawn during a warm spring day.

Living at Andover is way more than just where you sleep. This is our community. We strive to make it vibrant and inclusive. Some of the greatest lessons our students learn take place outside of the classroom. On the field, at the dinner table, in the common room—your world is right outside the door at Andover. 

“I love the idea of living with your friends. Day students, boarding students—the people on this campus are the people you turn to when you need support, or comfort, or guidance.”

Lila Senior | Yarmouth, ME

Boarding, Day & International

No matter where you’re from or where you live while attending Andover, everyone is part of the Big Blue family. Learn more about residential life and what to expect as a Phillips Academy community member. 


residential clusters (like neighborhoods)


 boarding students


day students


countries represented in the student body


student-run clubs and organizations


Head of School Day

Raise the RacquetThe Best Day of Winter Term

Every year John Palfrey raises a squash racquet in Paresky Commons to announce a day off from classes the following day. Students anticipate the declaration and revel in the respite of winter weather.

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Students customize their rooms to create comfortable and quirky living spaces. Year-round Christmas tree and lights optional.


Prefect = student mentor living in a junior (9th-grade) dorm. Proctor = student mentor living in an upperclass dorm. Other excellent things about living all together: eating home-cooked meals with your house counselor's family. Getting ready for a dance or pep rally with friends. Spending a holiday with your roommate's family. 

Beyond the Classroom

Student Activities and Leadership

Andover fosters bold, thoughtful, and engaged student leadership. There’s a ton to do for fun, and you can also make a difference in the process.

Community Engagement

Our Office of Community Engagement, which nurtures the non sibi spirit in our students, oversees dozens of ongoing initiatives.

Health and Wellness

Our commitment to empathy and balance ensures that all students receive expert care as well as a comprehensive, multiyear health curriculum.

Safety and Support

We strive to foster a supportive learning environment that supports each student’s personal growth and intellectual development.

Spiritual and Religious Life

The aim of our interfaith ministry is to respond to the many and varied spiritual needs of the Andover community.

A Greener Blue

Discover Andover’s sustainability initiatives, from green roofs to the community garden to our Climate Action Plan.