The Impact of Knowledge & Goodness

We’re Making History at Andover

Explore how Andover is innovating in the classroom and beyond thanks to our landmark campaign.
Knowledge & Goodness: The Andover Campaign is animating the values we hold dear and shaping our school for the 21st century.

Together, we are investing in need-based financial aid, in innovations in teaching and learning, and in campus facilities that expand the mind and restore the body. We are creating new opportunities to engage with the world, to build student and faculty partnerships, and to nurture dialogue that promotes genuine understanding of self and others.

We are uniting to change lives—and transforming the Andover experience for generations to come.

Knowledge & Goodness is raising $400 million for priorities vital to Andover’s growth and success, making the campaign the most ambitious in Andover history and the largest among all independent schools.

Latest News

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Lasting legacy

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On merit alone

Securing the future of need-blind admission

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The highest priority

A multifaceted approach to health and wellness

Together, we can ensure that Andover’s future graduates leave the school with the intellectual foundation, optimism, and intensity that will drive them in life.

Eric Zinterhofer ’89, P’18, ’19

Campaign Priorities

Unrivaled Financial Aid

Our commitment to need-blind admission ensures that our students are admitted based solely on their talents and not on their families’ ability to pay. Today, your generosity is more important than ever.

Faculty and Academics

Support the more than 200 faculty who bring their expertise and compassion to every teaching moment—and help create new teaching foundations, faculty innovation funds, and student-faculty partnerships.

A Dynamic Campus

We have an exceptional opportunity to evolve our 500-acre campus for the next generation, and you can help bring to life our bold vision for the Oliver Wendell Holmes Library, our athletics facilities, and much more.

An Inclusive Community

An intentionally diverse community is essential. Through your generosity, you can stimulate meaningful dialogue and understanding on campus—and engage students on topics of equity, inclusion, citizenship, and justice.

Inquiry and Innovation

The Tang Institute is an incubator for emerging ideas and a catalyst to place concepts into practice. Your donation will drive this work and launch new learning paradigms for a digital age and global society.

An Expanded Worldview

Every student should immerse themselves in new cultures. By sponsoring our Learning in the World programs, you’ll help Andover grow its faculty-designed offerings that span from Mexico to China.

Health and Wellness

The wellbeing of our students is paramount at Andover. Today you can help the Academy expand its services and build a multiyear health curriculum that engages students in an integrated and thoughtful way.

Andover Fund

Andover Fund gifts impact every facet of the student experience. Your annual support is essential to the success of our fundraising campaign—and it’s a critical investment in tomorrow’s learners and leaders.

Renowned Museums

In the Addison Gallery and the Peabody Institute, students connect art and artifacts to their studies, the world, and themselves. Every gift brings scholarship to life and strengthens these esteemed institutions.

Now is the time to join us on this journey.

Our campaign is the largest ever for Andover and among all independent schools. Our goals are ambitious, but the impact of Knowledge & Goodness is nothing short of historic.

The campaign’s title may be familiar, as it draws from our constitution and invokes values prized since our founding. Yet it speaks much more to our future than to our past. The world needs a place like Andover, and Andover needs to rise confidently in the world.

We must continue to educate and inspire our students to tackle the most challenging issues of our time and to do so with both head and heart. We must give them every chance to grow, to fail, to succeed, and to lead lives of lasting value.

Our campaign priorities illuminate every aspect of the Andover experience and all corners of our campus. From financial aid to our academic enterprise to our building projects, we have an unprecedented opportunity to propel Andover forward—and to leave our own legacy.

Knowledge & Goodness is a bold declaration. Together we are making it a reality.


Head of School


Joseph Y. Bae ’90, P’21
Peter L.S. Currie ’74, P’03
Amy C. Falls ’82, P’19, ’21