Vision and Values

Connecting Our Strengths

As we chart Andover’s future, we are asked to foresee trends in education and in the world at large. We aspire to act with creativity and courage in our work. Today’s society, driven by advances in technology and limitless access to information, presents vast opportunity. Now is the time for us at Andover to generate new possibilities.

Our Core Values

Academic Excellence
Academic excellence is the hallmark of an Andover education. Our students, curious and eager to take intellectual risks, secure an exceptional foundation in the arts, humanities, mathematics, and natural sciences through rigorous study in a dynamic residential setting. They are guided by educators who foster independent learning, critical thinking, creative collaboration, and personal well-being.

Non Sibi
Non sibi (not for self)—imprinted on the school seal—speaks to the generosity of spirit to which Andover students, faculty, staff, and alumni aspire.

Youth From Every Quarter
Andover’s commitment to an intentionally diverse learning community dates back to our constitutional mission to educate “youth, of requisite qualification, from every quarter.” Today, the Academy’s need-blind admission policy allows us to remain “ever equally open” to talented students from different cultural, geographic, racial, religious, and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Knowledge and Goodness
The union of intellect and integrity guides our daily efforts to prepare students for a lifetime of learning. Thirst for mastery propels our pursuit of academic excellence while application of such mastery for the greater good exemplifies non sibi.

Private School with a Public Purpose
Andover has long served as a resource for students and as a partner to educators nationally and worldwide, from Outward Bound and A Better Chance to (MS)², IRT, PALS, and Andover Bread Loaf. Building on this history, we prepare our graduates for active and ethical civic engagement.

When we live life authentically and feel a strong sense of belonging, we thrive. We feel whole and healthy, ready to learn, share, and help others as well.

Linda Griffith associate head for equity, inclusion, & wellness

Linda Carter Griffithassistant head of school for equity, inclusion, and wellness

Linda Carter Griffith is breaking new ground in a role that is unique to Andover. She's the link connecting educational programs, cultural celebrations, wellness initiatives, and big ideas coming from CAMD, the Brace Center, Community Engagement and those involved with campus spiritual and religious life.

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Strategic Priorities

Equity & Inclusion
Marked in particular by the establishment of A Better Chance in 1963, coeducation in 1973, and need-blind admission in 2008, Andover’s evolving definition of “youth from every quarter” has led to increased access. We continue our progress toward full equity by enhancing our educational program and support systems to prepare our students for life at and beyond Andover.

Creativity & Innovation
Imaginative pedagogy has long distinguished Andover’s academic excellence. To maintain a vibrant and cooperative intellectual community, we must formally implement this pursuit across the curriculum.

Empathy & Balance
Andover’s founders charged the head of school with convincing students “of the several great duties they owe to . . . their neighbour, and themselves.” Self-awareness remains just as important today: health, balance, and resilience are essential to a life of sustained and meaningful contribution.