A private school with a public purpose

What We Do

Through the work of (MS)2, Andover Bread Loaf, IRT and PALS, Phillips Academy is able to enrich the lives of hundreds of students and educators each year. Each outreach program's unique mission drives the focus of its programming, resulting in a range of offerings spanning grade 6 to graduate school. Some programs offer open-enrollment experiences while others have highly selective admissions processes.

Despite these differences, the outreach programs are united by a commitment to offering transformative academic experiences that help students gain access to resources, experiences, and new ways of thinking about learning itself -to ultimately move toward equity, inclusion, and justice in advanced educational and professional settings.

Programs that Transform Lives

Reimagining Community

In 2023, (MS)2 students, faculty, and administrators worked to build community with each other and with the broader Andover Summer student body. Student leaders spearheaded efforts to support whole-school community policies and activities to strengthen conflict resolution strategies and create more opportunities for students across all summer programs to forge connections across difference.

Back in Person

After two remote summers, Andover Bread Loaf returned to the Phillips Academy campus in 2022 to run its signature Student and Teacher Workshops. Prioritizing connection, expression, and democratic engagement, Andover Bread Loaf participants leaned on one another to heal from the trauma of the past several years. Visiting artists, summer faculty and Writing Leaders helped students at all levels find their voices.

Our Future Educators

Offering a range of resources to meet the needs of students in their journey toward graduate school, the summer 2022 IRT program provided members of its cohort with the chance to participate in virtual learning through the core Summer Workshop curriculum, synchronous and asynchronous courses, daily presentations by members of IRT's graduate school consortium partners, weekly alumni panels, and ongoing advising with summer and year-round staff members.

Community Connections

Returning to the Andover campus in 2022, PALS successfully served students from 8 different Lawrence public middle schools, providing academic enrichment courses in literacy and STEM, along with elective courses, advising groups, and community-building activities. From studying real world math through interest rates and financial planning, to analyzing water samples in their Forensic Science courses, PALS students stretched themselves to engage with their classes in new and exciting ways. Students visited area high schools and colleges, toured local museums, and generally took advantage of all that Andover has to offer.

Who We Serve

The outreach programs serve students from a range of backgrounds, with some drawing participants from local communities and others recruiting at a national scale. With missions focusing on traditionally marginalized and underserved communities, these programs offer students access to the full range of Phillips Academy's world-class facilities and resources as they promote individual, local, and systemic social change.

My (MS)2 experience this summer has been transformative for me both academically and personally. Other than the obvious - challenging math and science classes - I’ve also had the chance to grow as a person and learn more about myself.

E.H. (MS)2 Scholar, class of 2022

2022 Priorities and Initiatives

The summer of 2022 saw three of the four outreach programs return to full on-campus experiences. The shift back to physical proximity was not, however, the only major undertaking. In addition to a collaborative effort to better define the collective goals of the outreach programs and to assess their impact, each individual program has laid out priorities for the coming year. Review each program's focus areas for 2022-2023 by toggling through the programs, below.

2022 Priorities and Initiatives

(MS)2 2023-24 Priorities & Initiatives:

  • Continuing implementation of Mastery-Based Assessment
  • Increasing alumni engagement with current students
  • Satisfying the social-emotional and interpersonal relationship needs of students
  • Pre- and in-service faculty training and on-going support
  • Continuing curriculum review and analysis

ABL 2022-23 Priorities & Initiatives:

  • Restoring community, voice, and connection
  • Developing a pipeline of future Writing Leaders
  • Exploring opportunities to expand and deepen the ABL network
  • Supporting educators in the ABL network in their implementation of ABL pedagogy and programs in their classrooms and communities

IRT 2022-23 Priorities & Initiatives:

  • Exploring organizational pathways to expanding the IRT's impact
  • Adjusting program timing and requirements to meet the needs of students juggling work and family priorities
  • Offering daily consortium presentations and weekly alumni panels
  • Beginning Statement of Purpose advising processes earlier, to facilitate deeper connection between students and advisors

PALS 2022-23 Priorities & Initiatives:

  • Programming tailored to the unique needs of rising each separate cohort (7th, 8th, and 9th graders)
  • Learning through authentic curriculum and highly engaging pedagogy
  • High School transition support and exposure to a range of high school options