Health and Wellness

Andover’s founders charged the head of school with convincing students “of the several great duties they owe to . . . their neighbour, and themselves.” Self-awareness remains just as important today: health, balance, and resilience are essential to a life of sustained and meaningful contribution. But the outward-looking element of this historical imperative has become even more compelling thanks to a student body from across the country and around the world.

Wellness Education

Over the course of the academic year, at least four programs will be dedicated to all-class discussions about health and wellness topics. Such programs focus our community’s attention on specific issues of health and wellness. Programs include risk-avoidance topics such as alcohol and substance abuse awareness, date rape, and eating disorders as well as health promotion topics such as the psychology of happiness, meditation, and stress-reduction activities. In addition, optional wellness activities—yoga, Zumba, and meditation—are scheduled most weekends to reduce stress and promote wellness.

Empathy, Balance, and Inclusion (EBI)

As part of our co-curricular programming, all students meet with small groups of their peers to relax, reflect, and identify ways to be at their best as students and community members. EBI seminar sessions cover topics including understanding of self and others, communication, healthy relationships, self-care, and decision making.

Healthy Relationships

At Andover, we strive to help students develop close connections to a diverse group of acquaintances, classmates, teammates, and friends. We seek to create a community of kindness and respect, acknowledging that an intentionally diverse community can present opportunities and challenges involving race, class, gender, religion, sexuality, differing abilities, or any other core issue of identity. We address these challenges in many contexts, including All-School Meeting, CAMD functions, cluster and dorm meetings, informal conversations with teachers and advisors, and more.

The Rebecca M. Sykes Wellness Center

The building and its programing are an affirmation of the importance of health and wellness in all its forms—physical and emotional, individual and community. The Sykes Wellness Center offers medical services, psychological counseling, and programs (yoga and meditation, health education, and CPR training) that help students, faculty, and staff balance work and play and learn to treat mind and body as parts of the same invaluable whole.

The Counseling Center, located on the garden level of the wellness center, has two primary roles: to serve the individual psychological needs of students and to foster the psychological health and well-being of the entire Phillips Academy community. Our services include individual and group counseling, wellness programs, specialized training programs, and consultation services to parents, teachers, and departments.

There is a nurse at the Sykes Wellness Center


and a physician and counselor on-call while school is in session.

The wellness center is open for urgent and routine care Monday—Friday,

9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Call us at


When we live life authentically and feel a strong sense of belonging, we thrive. We feel whole and healthy, ready to learn, share, and help others as well.

Linda Carter Griffith associate head for equity, inclusion, and wellness

Linda Carter Griffithassistant head of school for equity, inclusion, and wellness

Linda Carter Griffith is breaking new ground in a role that is unique to Andover. She's the link connecting educational programs, cultural celebrations, wellness initiatives, and big ideas coming from CAMD, the Brace Center, Community Engagement and those involved with campus spiritual and religious life.

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Practicing Empathy and Balance

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Meet the Wellness Team

The health and care of our students is top priority for the Sykes Center staff.

Amy Patel

Dr. Patel is passionate about educating adolescents about health and developing lifelong healthy habits.

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Tim Corbitt

Director of Psychological Services

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Vivian Baez

Interim Director of Psychological Services, Wellness Counselor

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Suzanne Kemp

Psychological Counselor, Wellness Educator

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Sarah Robinson

Nurse practitioner/Wellness Educator/Summer Session Director of Clinical Services

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Molly Guild

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

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