Weddings & Memorial Services


Use of the Chapel for weddings and baptisms is limited to alumni of both Phillips and Abbot academies and current members of our staff and faculty (and their children). For those who qualify, requests may be made by contacting the Chapel office manager at 978.749.4130 or [email protected].

When requests are made, availability of dates, information regarding fees, building size and accessibility, available chaplains, clergy, and musicians, etc. can be addressed.

Please note: Catholic weddings at Andover require special permission from the Archdiocese of Boston. More information about these guidelines and the appropriate forms is available by contacting the Chapel office manager, or Catholic Chaplain, Dr. Mary Kantor, 978. 749.4137.

Funeral/Memorial Services

In honoring the memory of the deceased, the Chapel has, on occasion, hosted services for various affiliates of Phillips and Abbot academies.

Questions regarding the availability of the facility, as well as of chaplains, clergy, and musicians should be directed to the Chapel office manager at 978.749.4130.

Inquiries regarding burial in the chapel cemetery should be directed to Christopher Joel in the Business Office at 978.749.4100.