Supporting Spiritual Journeys

The Andover Chaplaincy, representing diverse religious and philosophical traditions, is committed to supporting the spiritual, emotional, and ethical journeys of the Andover community.

We seek to:

  • Create a safe harbor, a place of hospitality, and a sacred space that is welcoming to all people–those with or without religious, spiritual, or philosophical affiliation.
  • Cultivate a campus climate of genuine respect across diversities and differences of worldviews, safeguarding human dignity and the personal spiritual welfare of all members of our community.
  • Promote religious literacy and interfaith cooperation and dialogue for the greater purpose of fostering understanding and appreciation of global religious and spiritual traditions.
  • Nurture the traditions of Andover’s religious communities with opportunities for worship, reflection, study and deepening of faith, as well as with social gatherings and cultural events celebrating the rich and varied gifts of the particular groups.
  • Encourage life’s big and small questions, fostering an environment for exploring and incorporating the spiritual aspects of one’s identity.
  • Collaborate with community members in prophetic work toward justice, peace, and love of neighbor.
  • Offer pastoral care and a public presence–accompanying, empowering, supporting, comforting, and healing in times of crisis and celebration.
Student Faith Clubs
  • Andover Christian Fellowship
  • Catholic Student Fellowship
  • Jewish Student Union
  • Muslim Student Association

    Catholic Confirmation Retreat at Log Cabin

    The People of Cochran Chapel

    Meet our chaplains and advisors.

    Rabbi Joshua Greenberg

    I have an interest in interfaith dialogue and interreligious learning, believing we can learn from others and teach our own traditions.

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    Dr. Mary Kantor

    “I see my role with a bit more focus on spirit–as dwelling in the messy in-betweens of navigating a life of wholeness, wellness, and joy.”

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    Rev. Gina M. Finocchiaro ’97

    Rev. Gina Finocchiaro is ordained in the United Church of Christ and is deeply involved in social justice issues.

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    Noureddine El Alam

    Math Instructor, Muslim Student Association Advisor

    [email protected]

    Abbey Siegfried

    “I always say that I love music—obviously, I’m a musician—but I love people more than I love music.”

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    Carolyn Desmarais

    Office Manager

    [email protected]

    Organ in Cochran Chapel


    Learn about our various chaplaincies and their student faith-based clubs.

    Exterior of Cochran Chapel

    Student Clubs

    Students, with the guidance of advisors, run our faith-based clubs.

    Handbell choir

    Chapel Music

    The chapel plays host to myriad musical groups and performances throughout the academic year.