Student Clubs

Jewish Student Union (JSU)

The Jewish Student Union is open to any student interested in deepening their understanding of Judaism, both spiritually and culturally. JSU organizes a weekly Shabbat service, in addition to providing opportunities to celebrate the traditions, history, and cuisine of this rich faith tradition. These efforts include the building of the Sukkah in the main quadrangle of campus, the availability of kosher food during the holidays, and other similar offerings.

Each year, in the winter term, JSU also sponsors an on-campus Jewish Cultural Weekend. This gathering is a multi-day event during which various facets of Judaism are explored. In 2016, JCW featured acclaimed author and poet Robert Pinsky. In addition, Holocaust survivor Leo Ullman ’57 offered a reflection on the Nazi regime during the observance of Yom Hashoah.

For more information about JSU, please contact Rabbi Michael Swarttz at 978.749.4131.

Hindu Student Union

Students involved in HSU, often in collaboration with the Indo-Pak Club, meet to plan Hindu festivals, to discuss topics important to the region, and to mark important religious holidays. During the 2016-17 year, HSU sponsored three main events, one per term. A large-scale Indian dinner was held on Divali, the culmination of which was the lighting of the columns of Samuel Phillips Hall, Andover’s main academic building. In the winter term HSU goes “Bollywood," organizing an Indian film festival. And finally, when the warm weather arrived, the colors of Holi were on display as a campus-wide celebration was held, marking this vibrant and important holiday.

In prior years, HSU has sponsored a movie screening of the film “The World Before Her," the former winner of the Tribeca Film Festival. This documentary examines two stark dichotomies presented to women in contemporary India, the boot camps of the Durgha Vahini (a militant Hindu fundamentalist group) and the training camps for participants in the Miss India beauty pageant. This event, funded by the Abbot Academy Association, was organized in collaboration with the “Coed@40” event calendar, the celebration of 40 years of co-education at Phillips Academy.

HSU is looking forward to another wonderful year of fellowship in 2017-18. Please contact Reverend Gardner with any further questions or inquiries.

Muslim Student Association (MSA)

Open to all Muslim students and to those who seek to learn more about Islam, this group gathers for both prayer and fellowship. In addition, Muslim students work to inform the school community of their faith through their participation in various interfaith services and discussions.

Andover Christian Fellowship (ACF)

Students from varied Christian traditions are encouraged to join weekly discussions. Through the study of scripture and comparison of religious tradition, ACF seeks to explore the relevance and vitality of the Christian faith. The group meets regularly for Bible study, fellowship, and prayer.

Culture, Politics, and Religion: Giving Life to Discussion (CPR)

This discussion-based collaboration, begun in 2011-12, is an opportunity for all students, regardless of their religious tradition (or lack thereof), to consider the ways in which religion impacts both our cultural and political worlds. The group is not beholden to a certain perspective or lens. In fact, many members of CPR consider themselves to be without faith. What this group affords is a chance to reflect on our increasingly complex world through a prism of many vantage points, without rancor or argumentation. The goal of CPR’s weekly discussions is enlightenment and not persuasion.

Over the years CPR has sponsored many innovative programs including a documentary film series, the hosting of various speakers, and most recently, a trip to attend the 2015 inaugural "Fenway Forum," a discussion on contemporary morality and ethics featuring Arianna Huffington, YoYo Ma, and Harvard faculty member Michael Sandel, among others.

In subsequent years CPR hopes to continue providing opportunities for these kinds of critical and divergent conversations. 

Catholic Student Fellowship (CSF)

Students in the Catholic Student Fellowship gather weekly to share a meal, build community amongst the day and boarding students of the Catholic community, and participate in informal and formal discussions led by students, faculty, or guest speakers.

Framing the discussions and activities of the CSF is an understanding of Catholicism’s role in the world to serve and to better humanity and the Earth. As such, many CSF students are involved in and lead service projects on and off-campus.