Winter Term Information for Phillips Academy Families

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Student Clubs

Andover Christian Fellowship (ACF)

Student Co-Heads for 2020-21: Ellerman Mateo '21, Charlotte Whitehurst '22, and Hannah Zhang '21

Students from varied Christian traditions are encouraged to join ACF’s weekly discussions. Through the study of scripture and comparison of religious tradition, participants seek to explore the relevance and vitality of the Christian faith.

The group meets every Monday evening for Bible study, fellowship, and prayer.

For more information about ACF, please contact Shawn Fulford at 978.749.4240.


Student Co-Heads for 2020-21: Zach Moynihan ‘21, Katie Wimmer '21

Students in the Catholic Student Fellowship gather weekly to share a meal, build community amongst the day and boarding students of the Catholic community, and participate in informal and formal discussions led by students, faculty, or guest speakers.

Framing the discussions and activities of the CSF is an understanding of Catholicism’s role in the world to serve and to better humanity and the Earth. As such, many CSF students are involved in and lead service projects on and off-campus.

The group meets every Tuesday evening for dinner and fellowship.

For more information about CSF, please contact Dr. Mary Kantor at 978.749.4137.

Hindu Student Union/INDO-PAK

Beginning with the 2020-21 year, HSU will join their peers in Indo-Pak. This collaboration will allow for a greater number of students to collectively mark Hindu festivals, discuss topics important to the region, and observe significant religious holidays.

This group traditionally hosts a large-scale Indian dinner for Diwali, the culmination of which is the lighting of the columns of Samuel Phillips Hall, Andover’s main academic building. When the warm weather arrives, the colors of Holi are on display during a campus-wide celebration marking this vibrant and important holiday.

During the doldrums of winter, students gather for fellowship, including hosting movie nights, Thai dinners, ice cream socials and the like.

For more information, please contact Rajesh Mundra at 978.749.4031.

Jewish Student Union (JSU)

Student Head for 2020-21: Sima Shmuylovich '21

The Jewish Student Union is open to any student interested in deepening their understanding of Judaism, both spiritually and culturally. JSU organizes a weekly Shabbat service, in addition to providing opportunities to celebrate the traditions, history, and cuisine of this rich faith tradition. These efforts include the building of the Sukkah in the main quadrangle of campus, the availability of kosher food during the holidays, and other similar offerings.

Each year, in the winter term, JSU also sponsors an on-campus Jewish Cultural Weekend. This gathering is a multi-day event during which various facets of Judaism are explored. During the 2019-20 academic year, this event featured Jess Salomon and Eman El-Husseini, a Jewish-Palestinian comic duo.

For more information about JSU, please contact Rabbi Michael Swarttz at 978.749.4131.

Muslim Student Association (MSA)

Student Co-Heads for 2020-21: TBA

Open to all Muslim students and to those who seek to learn more about Islam, this group gathers for both prayer and fellowship. In addition, Muslim students work to inform the school community of their faith through their participation in various interfaith services and discussions.

Muslim students gather each Friday for Jummah prayers, along with hosting a weekly dinner meeting.

For more information about MSA, please contact Noureddine El Alam at 978.749.4240.