Systems, Sustainability, and Social Impact: The Villars Symposium, Switzerland

As participants in the Villars Institute symposium – a gathering of high school students and global practitioners aimed at advancing solutions to pressing global issues – students will explore sustainability challenges and solutions as well as deepen their understanding of complex systems (ecological, economic, political, and social). In the days leading up to the symposium, through visits to Geneva-based international, non-governmental, and private sector organizations, students will gain insight into how sustainability-related issues, conceived of broadly, are addressed from global governance and "on the ground" perspectives. As well, students will investigate how various institutions generate meaningful impact across sectors and geographies. Throughout the program, participants will have the opportunity to develop skills and competencies related to systems change, engage with sustainability and international affairs experts, and reflect on their own vocational pursuits.


Join students from around the world at The Villars Institute’s annual symposium and cultivate systems leadership skills by exploring issues related to sustainability and social impact.

Program Leaders: Eric Roland, Andy Wall

Program Dates: June 17-29, 2024

Themes: Global sustainability; systems thinking; social impact

Maximum cost: $6,000