Bomba: Musical Expression of Puerto Rico’s African Heritage

The Puerto Rican bomba, the musical expression of its African heritage, is Puerto Rico’s oldest musical genre, which dates back 400 years. The bomba was created by enslaved Africans and their descendants working in the sugar cane fields of coastal towns in Puerto Rico. Bomba was a form of resistance and rebellion against slave owners. This program will delve into the history and origins of bomba in Puerto Rico, helping students gain an understanding and appreciation of bomba. Additionally, students will discover how dance can be a powerful form of communication to overcome oppression.


Students will develop an appreciation of the Bomba style of music and dance, its African roots, and the history of colonialism on the island of Puerto Rico.

Date: March 11-18, 2024

Themes: Cultural appreciation; history of colonialism; the arts and identity

Faculty Leaders: Yasmine Allen, Lucheyla Celestino

Maximum cost: $8,000