A Greek Life: Athens, Greece

Ancient Athens is often credited with providing the western world with blueprints for such things as democracy, wellness and medicine, and philosophy. But what if exclusion, pandemic events, and anti-intellectualism were also attendant to those more lofty ideals? Students will situate themselves in the midst of modern-day Athens in order to interrogate its past and see what a typical ancient Greek life was like: how did the daily life proceed and how did people take care of themselves? What did it take to thrive, or even just survive, in the ancient Mediterranean world? We will visit the sites for both daily life and for special occasions, while also learning some modern Greek in order to navigate the contemporary city and find ourselves in the outlines of an ancient superpower.


Students will investigate the modern influences of an ancient city and culture while learning to navigate its contemporary imprint.

Program Leaders: Joshua Mann, Amy Patel

Program Dates: June 6-18, 2024

Themes: Learning from history; critical perspective taking; global civilization; health and wellness

Maximum cost: $5,400