Border to Border Ski: Arctic Adventure in Finland

An experience like no other: in seven days you will cover a total distance of 440 km on cross country skis. This event is not a race; you can choose to do smaller fractions of the daily ski distances and cover the rest of the day by bus. You get to experience Arctic nature and Finnish winter in Lapland in March when there are almost 12 hours of light each day. You will meet cross country skiers from all around the world and be hosted by wonderful volunteers from the villages that we ski through. We will be staying in hotels, motels and heated cabins along the way. Event website can be found at


Cross-country ski across Finland from near the Russian border to the Swedish border. In Finnish this event is called Rajalta Rajalle hiihto.

Co-Directors: Mika Latva-Kokko, Ella Houlihan

Program Dates: March 7-16, 2023

Themes: Cross-country skiing; remote winter adventure; Finnish culture

Maximum cost: $6,000