Humans, Nature, and Sustainability: Tidelines Institute Alaska

The Humans, Nature, and Sustainability program will take students to a remote homestead on Inian Islands in Alaska where they will learn what it takes to live sustainably and explore this unique setting by kayak, hiking, and hands-on field study. Students will return with a better understanding of:

  • U.S. and environmental history, specifically the Southeastern Coastal Indigenous Peoples and the environmental and cultural impact of settler colonialism in Alaska;
  • ecosystems, ethical use of land and natural resources, and sustainable living;
  • and the ecological and social justice issues exacerbated by climate change.


The Humans, Nature, and Sustainability program will engage students in experiential learning to understand and address ecosystem and climate change using a historical lens and in ways that honor Indigenous Peoples and places.

Program Leaders: Allison Guerette, Comfort Halsey

Program Dates: June 3-13, 2024

Themes: Climate justice, environmental history, outdoor adventure, sustainable living

Maximum cost: $6,500