Russian Language Immersion in Estonia

We will spend 2 weeks in 2 different Estonian cities. We will spend the first half of each weekday taking language classes, and the second half of the day exploring our surroundings and going on cultural tours, or engaging in a language exchange with local students. The first week we will spend in Narva, which is right across the river from Ivangorod, Russia. The second week we will spend in the capital city of Tallinn. If there is time, at the end of the trip we will take the ferry across to Helsinki, Finland for a day trip. Knowledge of the Russian language is required for this trip. Priority for this trip will be given to students currently enrolled in the Russian department, and priority will be given to uppers and seniors. If students who are not currently enrolled in Russian are interested in participating, they may apply, but must contact Mrs. Bateman prior to the application deadline.


A Russian language immersion program in two different Estonian cities, learning about Russian and Soviet influence on Estonian history and culture.

Program Leaders: Kassie Bateman, Amy Patel

Program Dates: March 1-17, 2024

Themes: Language emersion

Maximum cost: $5,800