Akwaaba Ghana Adventure

Akwaaba (Greetings) Ghana Adventure seeks to engage students’ curiosity and knowledge of Ghana. This adventure will be educational and offer perspectives of the Ghanaian culture and history while enhancing students’ global citizenry and provide an opportunity for students to make connections with their history courses at Andover. Visits to the Ashanti, Central and Greater Accra regions of Ghana will offer students an eye-opening, educational and historical account about the transatlantic slave trade, learn about the rich culture of Ghana and the Ashanti people and kingdom, and explore Ghana‘s wildlife and ecology. In addition, students will visit museums to learn of ancient and modern-day Ghana.


Experience the sights and sounds of Ghana while exploring its rich culture, heritage, and history!

Program Leaders: Lionel Amanfu, Nikki Cleare

Program Dates: March 5-13, 2024

Themes: Ghana's culture, heritage, history, and sights and sounds of Ghana's wildlife and ecology

Maximum cost: $6,200