Confluence: Environment. Culture. Community.

Confluence gives young people living and learning in the Merrimack Valley a unique opportunity to think and act together on environmental and social causes, such as equitable access to open space, natural resource management, public health, and sustainable development. Participants will bond and develop a collective sense of purpose during a multiday expedition to launch Confluence and continue into the school year working on shared projects during afternoon hours and on weekends. Throughout the program, students will hone their intercultural competencies, deepen their commitment to environmental and justice movements, and develop leadership skills that are transferable to school, community, and workplace.


Confluence gives young people a unique opportunity to take collective action toward a more sustainable, just, and united future.

Date: Summer (virtual) and thru the fall (in-person) 2023

Program Director: Mark Cutler

Themes: Intercultural leadership; environmental stewardship; community engagement

Maximum cost: $950