Built around the concept of human-focused, inclusive sustainable development, PLACES (People, Landscapes, Arts, Culture, Environment, Sustainability) begins with ten days in Rio de Janeiro, focusing on a guided cultural-historical-architectural exploration of the city together with students and teachers from the SESC School. We will then join the SESC senior class in their annual capstone visit to the Pantanal, a natural region in the center of Brazil that is the world’s largest wetland area. For the final segment, we will be in Piracicaba (São Paulo state), working closely with IMAFLORA (the Rainforest Alliance’s Brazilian partner) and visiting a certified coffee farm. Race, gender, sustainability, and music are foundational themes of the program. Students will take part in civic-engagement and cultural activities that will reveal the incredible richness and importance of Brazilian culture for today’s interconnected world.


A three-week summer program built upon the concept of human-focused sustainable development.

Date: June–July 2020, three weeks

Program Director: Flavia Vidal

Program Teacher: Peter Cirelli

Themes: Sustainability, Arts, Indigenous Culture

Price: $5,300 (12 students) - $6,470 (8 students)

Financial Aid: We are committed to offering need-based financial aid for any Andover student who is selected.