BarçaPA: Barcelona, Spain

BarçaPA is designed for students interested in the Spanish language and cultural immersion coupled with a soccer component. Students will explore the city of Sitges and Barcelona while diving into their two languages, Spanish and Catalan. In Barcelona, students will engage in a two-week-long morning course that will prepare them to explore the city's historical sites, such as La Basílica de la Sagrada Familia and La Casa Milà/La Pedrera. Students will participate in a soccer training program each day, visit town museums, and become acquainted with cultural life. We hope students can understand why Catalonia's citizens feel so passionate about their soccer club, FC Barça, colloquially known as El Barça. Spanish language skills are not required. Participation in this program has no bearing on students' membership on interscholastic soccer teams at PA.


To learn a language is to enter a different world. Let's go and explore.

Dates: June 11-25, 2023

Program Director: Edwin Escobar and Mike Kuta

Themes: Catalonian identity in Spain; soccer; cultural immersion

Maximum cost: $6,500