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The visual arts program emphasizes artistic thinking and the development of creative thinking in relation to the techniques of a medium, history of visual ideas, and expressive potential of one’s own experience and culture. Students have the opportunity to explore particular areas in depth on both the introductory and advanced levels.

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Students in the photo studio.

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Our Faculty

Learning happens across all aspects of our campus. Andover's faculty are subject matter experts, mentors, stewards of Knowledge & Goodness, and much more. Thayer Zaeder '83 is the Department Chair.

Evonne Avalos

Evonne (Eve) Avalos

Junko Pinkowski

Junko Pinkowski

Casey Smith duo

Casey Smith

Hector Membreno-Canales

Hector Membreno-Canales

Art Instructor, Wrestling Coach, CAMD Program Coordinator, Army Veteran [email protected] view full profile

Hector’s work explores official histories, American patriotism, and the Military-Industrial Complex.


Digital Photography I: Appreciating Light, Color, and Time | ART310

In this introductory digital photography course, students will examine the concept of beauty in the environment and how an audience may appreciate the poetic and contemplative experience of a photograph. Small projects each week enable students to exercise a number of the creative controls in good camerawork using DSLR cameras. Students will be guided through a work flow process in the Polk-Lillard Center to adapt to a regular photographic practice. Non-destructive editing, adjustments, retouching, and composite imagery also will be explored as will introductory studio lighting. Students will have the opportunity to edit from each small project to construct small print and digital portfolios by term’s end. Loaner DSLR cameras are available through the Polk-Lillard Center, or students may use their personal DSLRs.

Rita Obelleiro

Rita Obelleiro

Art [email protected]

“I am an artist-teacher. My work in the classroom informs my practice, and vice versa. Creative collaborations with student-artists inform a co-created curriculum that shifts according to each unique class.”

Renee Silva Headshot

Renee Silva

Art Instructor, Visual Artist, JV Swim & Instructional Volleyball Assistant Coach, EBI Instructor, Painting Club Advisor, Love Club Leader, Foodie [email protected]

“I'm inspired by seeing student's artistic voice, practices and passions take off.”

Thayer Zaeder Headshot

Thayer Zaeder ’83

Art Instructor, Department Chair, Day Student Advisor, Faculty DC Rep, Cycling Coach [email protected] view full profile

Mr. Zaeder teaches in the Visual Studies program and all the elective courses in ceramics. He currently serves as a day student advisor in Pine Knoll cluster and coaches the road cycling team in the spring season.


Clay and the Ancestral Pot | ART302

This course explores ceramics from a variety of perspectives, including archaeology, geology, and studio art. As a studio class, students will experiment with a range of hand-building techniques while answering studio assignments. The aesthetics of form and surface will be a principle focus. In addition, this class will investigate clay from the perspective of geology, archaeology, and human evolution. Visits to examine the Peabody Institute of Archaeology’s collection will offer historical context and a rich array of objects to frame class discussions and assignments. Students who complete ART302 are eligible to take other 300-level art electives or ART502.

Sample Courses

Visual Studies | ART 225

Visual Studies focuses on artistic thinking, visual vocabulary, visual literacy, and the relationship of making and thinking.

Clay and the Ancestral Pot | ART 302

Explore ceramics from a variety of perspectives, including archaeology, geology, and studio art.

Photography II: The Advanced Photographic Portfolio | ART510

Students develop a working knowledge of DSLR workflow and non-destructive editing. This advanced photography opportunity is designed for students who wish to go deeper in the development and tightly edited execution of a self-motivated thematic photography portfolio.

Advanced Studio Art: Self-Directed Studio Practice | ART 600

The course provides students with opportunities for creative, self-directed, and independent work at an advanced level in a class of similarly advanced and self-motivated students.


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