Diploma Requirements

The basic diploma requirement is the satisfactory completion of a four-year secondary school program, with the senior year at Andover. The student must be in good standing (not on probation or under suspension) at the time of graduation. A student who has been dismissed is ineligible for a diploma unless readmitted.

To be eligible for a diploma, all students must satisfy the Department of Physical Education’s swimming requirement. Certain diploma requirements vary with the class level at which the student enters Phillips Academy. Entering Juniors and Lowers must pass Physical Education 200 and a one-term course offered by the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies (usually taken in the lower year). Some modifications of the language requirement are made for entering Seniors. Entering Seniors with no previous world language experience must pass one year in a world language.

Students are subject to the following diploma requirements in the visual and performing arts:

  • Entering Juniors must earn no fewer than four credits (combined) in art, music, and theatre and dance, with at least one credit each in art and music. Most students complete one credit in art and one credit in music by the end of their junior year.
  • Entering Lowers must earn no fewer than three credits (combined) in art, music, and theatre and dance, with at least one credit each in art and music.
  • Entering Uppers need to pass one term of either art or music at the Academy.

Additional details about the manner in which these requirements are to be fulfilled can be found in the opening descriptions of the departments. 
Read more specifics on diploma requirements within our Course of Study.

Term Credits
Required for the diploma (including credits earned prior to enrolling at Andover) are:

  • 54 for entering Juniors

  • 51 for entering Lowers

  • 48 for entering Uppers 

  • 48 for entering Seniors

During their upper and senior years, students must accumulate a minimum of 27 term credits, with a minimum of 12 graded term credits during senior year. Approved Independent Projects are counted as graded courses.

Planning a Program of Study at Andover

Phillips Academy’s educational program comprises academic, athletic, and community dimensions. The Course of Study explains the required elements of the academic program and works in conjunction with The Blue Book, which describes the opportunities, requirements, responsibilities, and expectations associated with these different elements.

At various stages of their program, it may be advisable for students to take standardized tests such as the PSAT, SAT, ACT, and Advanced Placement (AP) Exams. Students should consult with their teachers, advisor, and the College Counseling Office regarding the appropriate time to take these assessments.