Advising & Academic Support


Each student has a faculty advisor expected to guide the student in shaping a well thought out, long-term academic program that will incorporate both breadth and depth. In planning a program of studies, the student’s needs and aspirations, insofar as they can be identified, are carefully considered, as is the necessity of meeting diploma requirements. The advisor meets with the new student during the orientation prior to the beginning of classes in September to review and approve the course selections the student has made during the spring or summer. Subsequently, the student meets biweekly with his or her advisor to establish a personal relationship and to ensure that issues that arise concerning the student’s academic program are addressed promptly.

From time to time during the academic year, the advisor (for day students) or the house counselor (for boarders) will report to parents concerning the student’s growth and progress. Late in the spring, students in the three lower classes (Juniors, Lowers, and Uppers) and their respective advisors will prepare course selections for the coming year; a copy of these selections will be mailed to parents in June.


At Andover, asking for help is a sign of strength. We offer faculty-led study centers in math, science, writing, and world languages; a professionally staffed Academic Skills Center; and extremely popular peer tutoring. Bonus: Our weekly schedule includes several conference periods — times when teachers are waiting in their classrooms to help you.

Peer Tutoring

Through the Peer Tutoring Program, qualified students provide tutoring in math, sciences, and languages, up to the diploma requirement. Peer tutors also are available for subject-specific support on four evenings per week in the Math and Science Study Centers as well as the Writing Center.

Student Accessibility Services

Phillips Academy is strongly committed to providing an accessible, supportive and challenging environment for students with disabilities. We encourage students to become active partners in the accommodation process and to take ownership of their educational experience. Through ongoing collaborative efforts between individual learners and Student Accessibility Services (SAS), we aim to develop the self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-advocacy that are critical life skills essential to finding success at Andover and beyond.

Academic Accommodations

SAS provides appropriate and reasonable accommodations to students with documented disabilities, in order to ensure equal access to the educational program. These accommodations are designed to reduce or eliminate any disadvantage that may exist due to the individual’s disability and permit an otherwise qualified individual access to all of the Academy’s programs without fundamentally altering the essential elements of the curriculum or other graduation requirements. Students requesting accommodations of either an academic or residential need must present appropriate documentation, which assists us in understanding the extent to which a disability may impact a student, and allows us to make consistent, informed decisions with regard to accommodations. Accommodation eligibility is determined on a case-by-case basis after a thorough documentation review. Please note that use of accommodations at a previous school is not a guarantee of accommodations at Andover.

Study, Organizational, and Time Management Skills

When the need arises, Academic Skills Center learning specialists meet with students individually and in small group settings to teach strategies for organizing work, managing time, and improving study skills using effective learning strategies. At critical junctures during the academic year, time management and study skills workshops are offered, specifically targeting students new to the school.

Conference Period

Two periods per week are designated each week as conference periods during which students can meet with their classroom teachers for extra help.

Study Centers

Andover has three specific study centers for math, science, and writing where faculty and peer tutors are available to assist with questions and homework.

Outside Tutors

The Academy does not permit, nor will it make accommodations to support, the use of outside tutors, as outside tutors are not allowed on campus.