College Counseling

“While outcomes are important, it is the process of self-discovery and college-discovery on which our program focuses.”

The CCO Team


Our College Counseling Office, led by CCO dean Sean Logan, is staffed by people who have years of experience doing this kind of work. They’ve developed smart, age-specific programs to help you (and your family) approach the college search and application process in smart, sane ways.

Be calm, smart, and sane

Our office, commonly referred to as the CCO, is led by dean Sean Logan and staffed by a team of experienced college counselors and administrative assistants. The CCO offers students a vast array of resources designed to help them find good matches between themselves and colleges. Counselors engage students frequently in individual conferences that are designed to help students reach a greater awareness of who they are. Armed with the well-articulated sense of self, students are prepared to find colleges that are good matches.

If you want to make the most of your time at Andover, you cannot be in a constant state of anxiety about college. That said, when the time comes to calmly and strategically begin your college search, you will be so glad that one of our 12 college counselors will be dedicated to helping you find the perfect fit. Along the way, you’ll also learn some valuable skills: decision making, problem solving, self-reflection, self-advocacy, and resilience.

The Process

We are committed to the notion that the process requires close communication and cooperation among the three major players: student, families, and counselor.

The process unfolds most successfully when all parties involved approach their various roles and responsibilities with open-mindedness, intelligence, honesty, a sense of adventure, and a sense of humor.

Standardized Testing

Phillips Academy is a test center for a variety of standardized tests.

For College Admissions Officers

Many of us in the Andover College Counseling Office began our careers as college admission officers, and we all have immense respect for the work you do. We enjoy our work with admission officers and are always happy to speak with you if you have questions about our students or our school. At the same time, we remember how busy life in college admissions can be, so we have posted some of the most commonly requested information below for quick reference.

What To Expect


You just arrived at Andover, so focus your energy on getting acclimated. Approaching your first year with thoughtfulness and genuine inquiry will lead to a successful outcome down the line. Take advantage of the resources available to you. Get involved. Start developing your interests and passions by exploring the extracurricular opportunities that are available outside the classroom. Familiarize yourself with course offerings and engage thoughtfully in the curriculum.

Thoughtful Choices

Continue to stay engaged in the Andover community. Work toward honing your skills as a student and start taking on more leadership in your areas of interest.

Getting to Know You

In your Upper year you will be assigned a college counselor. Your college process officially begins during Upper College Kick-Off in early January.

Embedded Curriculum of the CCO

  • The ability to be a self-advocate
  • The ability to be more self-reflective
  • The ability to work and communicate with adults
  • The ability to deal with and manage expectations that can be very public at times
  • The development of an anti-racist lens.
  • And ultimately the ability to navigate a complicated process to make an informed decision

Tang Institute

Preparing students for today’s complex and interconnected world by developing and sharing innovative approaches to teaching and learning.

Students leaving classroom

Community Engagement

We believe that education gains value when you bring it into the world, find ways to put it to use on behalf of the public good.

breadloaf session

Senior Year

Think about what your legacy will be on your high school community and brainstorm all of the things you'd like to do before graduating. Gradually work through the items on your list, making the most of your remaining time.

From the first ASM to commencement and beyond, we will be working with and cheering for you!

Finis Origine Pendet

It all starts at the first All-School Meeting.

First ASM

The End Depends on the Beginning

And ends by receiving a diploma on the Great Lawn.


Meet the CCO Team

These are the people who will help you successfully navigate your college search.

Sean Logan

Dean of College Counseling

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Aya Murata, P’19, ’21

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Ken Shows

Assistant Dean of Studies for Scheduling

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Taylor Ware

Associate Director

Karina Hernandez-Guarniz

Associate Director

Latasha Boyd

Associate Director

Meghan Dangremond

Associate Director

Veronica Craven

Office Manager/Administrative Assistant

Sarah Kinney

Administrative Assistant

Theresa Nartowicz

Administrative Assistant

Kara Norris

Administrative Assistant

Debra Colombo

Director of Standardized testing

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Jordan Oxman

Associate Director

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Katie Gayman

Associate Director

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Deanna Cox

Associate Director

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