International Students

Phillips Academy believes in the importance of “youth from every quarter” and values its international students, who share cultural traditions, initiate conversations about cultural differences and similarities, and advance global understanding.

On-Campus Support

Jose Peralta, PA’s international student coordinator, serves as an advisor for international students in the Phillips Academy community and works to develop and sustain campus-wide programming geared toward highlighting issues of equity around the world. He also assists international students and their families with all aspects of their life here at Phillips Academy, serves as an academic advisor to the one-year international seniors, issues I-20 forms, and organizes a special one-and-a-half day student orientation prior to the beginning of school to help new international students start their experience with confidence.

In addition to his role as international student coordinator, Mr. Peralta serves as the advisor to the International Club (iClub). Club meetings, which are both educational and social, take place on Wednesday evenings. During the meeting students share customs, describe holidays, explain educational systems, try to find solutions to cultural incidents, and talk about their country. Occasionally, the club invites speakers to talk about current events or global issues. In early November, just around the time of the anniversary of the United Nations, the club sponsors the International Festival, which includes an international talent and fashion show and an international food festival prepared entirely by the students.

Andover’s current enrollment includes


international students who are non-U.S. citizens

Our current student body includes residents of


different countries


citizens and joint U.S. citizens living abroad


of Andover's total population

Clubs and Organizations

Among the other cultural and religious organizations with an on-campus presence are: AfLatAm, Alianza, Andover Korean Society, Andover Japanese Connection, Asian Society, Catholic Student Fellowship, Chinese-Taiwanese Student Association, Gay-Straight Alliance, Hindu Student Union, IndoPak, International Club, Jewish Student Union, Mosaic, Muslim Student Union, and Women’s Forum.

With the support of the CAMD office (Office of Community and Multicultural Development), these groups are responsible for pursuing a number of on-campus initiatives such as: International Festival, GSA Weekend, International Women’s Day, Latin Arts Celebration, CAMD Scholar Program, Black Arts Weekend, Jewish Cultural Weekend, Muslim Student Union, MLK Day programming, and many more.