Scholarly Opportunities

At Andover, there’s always a path for further scholarship. IPs—Independent Projects—provide advanced study for students who have exhausted Andover’s standard curriculum.

Abbot Independent Scholars Program

This program (the AISP) provides selected seniors (and the occasional younger student) who have exhausted the course offerings in their desired area(s) of study an opportunity to work independently with a faculty mentor for course credit. Each project is graded on the standard 0-6 scale by the supervising faculty mentor.

Brace Student Fellows

Each year, a small number of student applicants receive funding from the Brace Center to conduct independent summer research projects in gender studies, including multiracial and multicultural dimensions. The Student Fellows Series is presented in the fall and provides an opportunity for the fellows to share their research findings in a public forum.

CAMD Scholars

The CAMD Scholar Program is an opportunity for selected Phillips Academy students to pursue independent summer research projects related to diversity and multiculturalism. Students work closely with a faculty advisor as well as the program coordinator during spring term to focus and shape projects that will be developed and completed during the summer. CAMD Scholars write a significant research paper in the summer and make a presentation to the PA community during the subsequent school year.

Cum Laude Society

The Cum Laude Society was founded at the Jacob Tome Institute in Maryland in 1906. Its purpose was to establish in American secondary schools an honor organization to recognize and encourage excellence in academic work. The Phillips Academy chapter was established in 1907, and in 1926 Abbot Academy became the first girls' school to establish a chapter. In February of each year, the Andover chapter elects to the society those members of the senior class who have achieved and maintained high scholarship during the whole of their upper-middle year and the fall term of their senior year. In June, those students who have achieved and maintained high scholarship during the spring term of their upper-middle year and the whole of their senior year are elected. 

2017–2018 CAMD Scholars

John Moreland '18
Sept 29, 2017
The Evolution of Community Within the Music Departments of Abbot Academy and Phillips Academy
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Paige Roberts

Kabir Nagral '19
Oct 27, 2017
Blind Justice: A Model for the Socio-Economic Development of the Millions of Blind Students in India
Faculty Advisors: Ms. Susanne Torabi and Mr. Michael Barker

Young Ha “Sparky” Yoo '18
Dec 8, 2017
“The New White Flight”: A Paradox of Ethnoracial Achievement
Faculty Advisor: Mr. Noah Rachlin

Abdu Donka '18 (Barbara Landis Chase CAMD Scholar)
Jan 15, 2018 - MLK Jr. Day
Technology and the Civil Rights Movement: A Study of How Television influenced the CRM in 1954-1968
Faculty Advisor: Ms. Sarah Driscoll

Emily Ndiokho '18
Feb 2, 2018 - Black Arts Weekend
Super Black: An Analysis of the History and Evolution of Race in Black Superheroes in Comic Books
Advisor: Dr. Marisela Ramos

2016–2017 Brace Student Fellows

Juju Lane '17 "Anatomy, Autonomy, and Abuse: An Analysis of the Abuse of Physically Disabled Women" 

Katherine Wang '17 "The Myth of the Hollywood Heart Attack: Gender Bias in Medicine and Biomedical Research" 

Trevor Lazar '17 "Lives Gamed: The Challenges Facing Underage Homeless Female Victims of Sex Trafficking in the United States" 

Zoe Sottile '17 "Women and Mental Illness: Stigma and Stereotypes" 

Wendy Zhang '17 "The Modern Politics of Abortion: State Laws and the Debate on Women's Reproductive Rights"

In addition, Madison Pettaway '17 was a Brace Hearsey Community Fellow, presenting on "#BlackGirlMagic: Exploring Black Feminism from Sojourner Truth to Amandla Stenberg" during MLK Day.