People of Andover

Caroline Odden


Instructor and Chair; Tang Institute Fellow. Caroline Odden's Astronomy Research class discovered a rare binary asteroid in 2016.

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Scott Hoenig

Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science

"I particularly enjoy teaching precalculus and calculus courses, and I recently developed a non-calculus-based probability elective."

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Suzanne Buckwalter

Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science

Interim Chair, Instructor

Patricia Har ’95


"I am fascinated by vitality in bodies and objects, narrative ecologies, hagiography, confessions, and complaints, and wandering."

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Flavia Vidal


Interested in intersectional gender issues, interdisciplinary studies, service learning, and topics pertinent to post-colonial relations

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Joel Jacob

House Counselor, Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science Instructor

“Students build deeper and stronger connections to math when they are learning experientially.”

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Judy M. Davis

Alumni Engagement

Associate Director. Reunions, liaison to Alumni Award of Distinction and Class Secretaries committees, events in Atlanta and Florida

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Katherine Solimini

Office of Academy Resources

Assistant Director of Annual Giving

Sarah H. Carroll

Associate Director of Admission

“I’m really excited to be part of a residential community again. I’m thrilled to immerse myself in all aspects of boarding school life.”

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Kassy Fritz

College Couseling

Director of College Counseling

Meghan Dangremond

College Counseling

Associate Director

Nicole Baldassarre

Office of Alumni Engagement

Nicole is an administrative assistant in the Office of Alumni Engagement with a focus on young alumni programming and campus events.

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Khiem DoBa

Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science


Matt Hession

History and Social Sciences

Matt teaches various history diploma requirements as well as an elective titled, "The History of 1968: Year in Crisis"

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Christopher Wade ’08



Jill Clerkin

Office of Communications

Director of Publications | Printed collateral of all kinds, editing and proofreading, photography | 978-749-4295

Suzanne Heon

Rebecca M. Sykes Wellness Center

Director of Psychological Services, Psychological Counselor, Wellness Educator

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Noureddine El Alam

Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science


Anne Marino

Office of Communications

Senior Graphic Designer | Print design—from concept to completion, strategic print solutions, photo planning and direction | 978-749-4302

Monique Cueto-Potts

Advisor, Director of Community Engagement

“I get to collaborate with incredible community partners to create and operate meaningful community engagement programs.”

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Lixia Ma


“From imitating the sounds, copying the characters, piecing together a sentence, students are on their way to creating brand-new worlds.”

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Leslie Condon

Coordinator, Museums, Educational Outreach and Major Gifts

Heidi Jamieson

Director of Financial Aid

“The best part of my job is having the opportunity to speak with families, not only about financial aid, but about themselves.”

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Diane Domenech-Burgos

Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science Instructor, Director of (MS)2

Diane directs Mathematics & Science for Minority Students—an outreach program dedicated to advancing diversity in the STEM fields.

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Allyson Irish

Office of Communication

Director, Editorial and Creative Services | Andover magazine editor, oversee all print marketing, photography management | 978-749-4677

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Mary Kantor

Catholic Chaplain

Along with her academic background, Mary Kantor brings over twenty-five years of ministry experience in the Catholic Church.

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Kate Dolan

Residential Life, Athletics

Assistant Dean of Students and Residential Life, Instructor, Field Hockey Coach

Raj Mundra, P’20

Dean of Studies

"At Andover, we're always striving to know something really well. Traveling reminds you that you can't always do that."

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Ken Puleo

Office of Communications

Art Director | Print design and layout, brochures, newsletters and development materials, photo management | 978-749-4475

Stephanie Curci


Department Chair. “We’re all constantly learning from one another, and the students keep teaching me how to teach them.”

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Kirsten Landers Glantz

Chief Investment Officer

Aggie Kip

Rebecca M. Sykes Wellness Center

Nutritionist, Registered Dietician

Maria Litvin

Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science

“I believe everyone can and should learn the basics of computer science and coding.”

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Ingrid Kupka

Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science


Roxanne Sayan

Dean of Faculty

Administrative Assistant

Lindsay Randall

Robert S. Peabody Institute of Archaeology

Curator of Education and Outreach

Paul Murphy ’84 P’16, ’19, ’22

Instructor, Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science, Girls’ Varsity Swimming & Diving Coach

“I try not to pigeonhole kids. When they come to a place like this, they should be able to redefine themselves as much as they want to.”

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Martha Fenton ’83

Girls’ Ice and Field Hockey Coach, West Quad North Cluster Dean, Physical Education Instructor

“My passions are much the same as when I was a student, except now I am on the teaching and coaching sides of wellness and sports.”

Lilia Cai-Hurteau

Chinese, Japanese and Interdisciplinary Instructor, Brace Center Faculty Fellow

As a Brace Fellow, Lilia is researching the relationship between Asian philosophies and Asian American feminism.

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Jo LaBelle


Office Manager and Personal Application Advisor for 10th Grade Applicants

Cathy Golas, P’18

Administrative Director, Sykes Wellness Center

Cathy has more than 25 years of experience in the health care and education industries.

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Catherine J. Carter


“I love anything midwestern, Bob Dylan, the ocean, cooking, reading, and crossword puzzles (and Latin, of course!).​”

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Andrew Housiaux

Tang Institute; Philosophy and Religious Studies

Instructor and Currie Family Director of the Tang Institute

Rita Savard

Office of Communication

Associate Editor, Andover Magazine | Andover magazine content, writing and editing | 978-749-4040

Vivian Baez

Sykes Wellness Center

Psychological Counselor/Wellness Educator

Elizabeth Monroe

History and Social Science

Instructor and Girls Varisty Basketball Coach

Jessie Robie



Marla Taylor

Robert S. Peabody Institute of Archaeology

Curator of Collections and Work Duty Supervisor

Yasmine Allen

Spanish Instructor

House Counselor, Nathan Hale East; Spinning Instructor

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LaShawn Springer

College Counseling, CAMD

Director of Community and Multicultural Development and an Associate Director of College Counseling

Jeff Domina

Dean of Faculty

"In addition to reading, writing, and teaching, I enjoy running, listening to music, and spending time with my family."

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Erin Strong

Theatre and Dance

Erin’s work as a dance educator is grounded in the belief that dance is a way of knowing and thinking about one’s world

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