People of Andover

Jen Hout, P’21

Alumni Engagement

Assistant Director. Young Alumni, STARS, Family Weekend, Grandparents’ Day, Commencement.

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Susanne Torabi


Marathon runner and international student expert

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Taylor Ware

College Counseling

Associate Director

Ellen Greenberg, P’19

Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science

Alumni still request her banana bread: "I've mailed it to students, brought loaves to MIT soccer games—you name it."

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Khiem DoBa

Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science


Lilia Cai-Hurteau

Chinese, Japanese and Interdisciplinary Instructor, Brace Center Faculty Fellow

As a Brace Fellow, Lilia is researching the relationship between Asian philosophies and Asian American feminism.

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Jessica Herbster ’90

General Counsel

Lindsay Randall

Robert S. Peabody Institute of Archaeology

Curator of Education and Outreach

Tracy Sweet

Director of Academy Communications

Director of Academy Communications | Media relations, marketing and communication strategies | 978-749-4313

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Beth Parsons

Office of Academy Resources

Director for Museums and Educational Outreach

Ryan Wheeler

Robert S. Peabody Institute of Archaeology

Director and Chair of Archaeology

Patricia Har ’95


"I am fascinated by vitality in bodies and objects, narrative ecologies, hagiography, confessions, and complaints, and wandering."

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Lucas D. Simpson

Office of Academy Resources

Assistant Director of Annual Giving

Martha Fenton ’83

Girls’ Ice and Field Hockey Coach, West Quad North Cluster Dean, Physical Education Instructor

“My passions are much the same as when I was a student, except now I am on the teaching and coaching sides of wellness and sports.”

Kathleen C. Walsh

Office of Academy Resources

Director of Major Gifts

Jo LaBelle


Office Manager and Personal Application Advisor for 10th Grade Applicants

Rachel Manning

Robert S. Peabody Institute of Archaeology

Inventory Specialist

Sandra Lopez-Morales ’97

Rebecca M. Sykes Wellness Center

Director of Psychological Services, Wellness Educator

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Monique Cueto-Potts

Advisor, Director of Community Engagement

“I get to collaborate with incredible community partners to create and operate meaningful community engagement programs.”

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Suzanne Heon

Rebecca M. Sykes Wellness Center

Interim Director of Psychological Services, Psychological Counselor, Wellness Educator

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Theresa Nartowicz

College Counseling

Administrative Assistant

Amy Patel

Medical Director, Wellness Educator at the Sykes Wellness Center

Dr. Patel is passionate about educating adolescents about health and developing lifelong healthy habits.

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Elizabeth Joseph

Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science


Derek Jacoby


“The creative process can often be something of mystery, a particular combination of inspiration, hard work, gut feelings, and experience.”

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Neil Evans

Office of Communication

Associate Director, Digital Communications | External web, social media, video, photography, Andover eNews | 978-749-4279

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Elizabeth Meyer


Instructor and Division Head of World Languages

Jessica Pierre

Sykes Wellnes Center

Psychological Counselor and Wellness Educator

Mike Kuta

Physical Education

Head Athletic Trainer and Instructor

Dianne Fields

Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science

Administrative Assistant Office of Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science

Caroline Odden


Instructor and Chair; Tang Institute Fellow. Caroline Odden's Astronomy Research class discovered a rare binary asteroid in 2016.

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Vivien Valenzuela Mallick

Director of Admission Operations

Addicted to social media. You should follow her on Instagram @AndoverAdmissions and on Twitter @Admissions01810.

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Judith Wombwell

Theatre and Dance Instructor and Department Chair

Since 1996, Judy has directed and choreographed The Nutcracker, reimagining the classic ballet to represent colonial Andover.

Yasmine Allen

Spanish Instructor

House Counselor, Nathan Hale East; Spinning Instructor

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Paul Murphy ’84 P’16, ’19, ’22

Instructor, Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science, Girls’ Varsity Swimming & Diving Coach

“I try not to pigeonhole kids. When they come to a place like this, they should be able to redefine themselves as much as they want to.”

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Anne Marino

Office of Communications

Senior Graphic Designer | Print design—from concept to completion, strategic print solutions, photo planning and direction | 978-749-4302

Raj Mundra, P’20

Associate Dean of Students, Biology

"At Andover, we're always striving to know something really well. Traveling reminds you that you can't always do that."

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Kassy Fritz

College Couseling

Director of College Counseling

Christopher Odden

Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science


Heidi Wall ’94

House Counselor, Girls' Varsity Lacrosse Coach, Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science Instructor

In Heidi’s geometry class students have studied Arabic art to create stunning mosaic tiles in The Nest—our innovative makerspace.

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Karina Hernandez-Guarniz

College Counseling

Associate Director

Anneke Skidmore

Assistant Director and Dean of Admission, Summer Session

David Fox

Interdisciplinary Studies

Department Chair, English and Art History Instructor, Coach for Boys’ Swimming & Diving and Water Polo

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Elizabeth Monroe

History and Social Science

Instructor and Girls Varisty Basketball Coach

Grace Curley ’81, P’20

Office of Academy Resources

Director of Gift Planning

Andrew Housiaux

Tang Institute; Philosophy and Religious Studies

Instructor and Currie Family Director of the Tang Institute

Abbey Siegfried

Academy Organist, Conductor of Fidelio and the Phillips Academy Chorus, Music instructor, House Counselor

“I always say that I love music—obviously, I’m a musician—but I love people more than I love music.”

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Andrea Prescott Gerakaris P’21


Manager, Admission & Financial Aid Business Process, Parent of Ethan ’21

Lisa Joel

Director of Enrollment Management & Girls’ Varsity Soccer Coach

“I have the awesome opportunity to know students and their families in many different capacities as a coach, house counselor, and advisor.”

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Linda Carter Griffith

Associate Head of School for Equity, Inclusion, and Wellness

“LCG” connects educational programs and big ideas coming from CAMD, the Brace Center, Community Engagement, wellness, and spiritual life.

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Ken Puleo

Office of Communications

Art Director | Print design and layout, brochures, newsletters and development materials, photo management | 978-749-4475

Stephanie Sparling Williams


Visiting Scholar in Art History and Assistant Curator at the Addison Gallery of American Art

Sarah Kinney

College Counseling

Administrative Assistant

Susan Esty P’22

Director of Wellness Education, House Counselor

“I see my role as a bridge between different groups and a partner with lots of different people.”

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Emma Staffaroni


In addition to teaching English, Emma is the CAMD Program Coordinator

Jim Ventre ’79


Assistant Head for Admission and Financial Aid. "Go Big Blue!"

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Donny Slater

History and Social Sciences

“Where else could I take students to connect with an original 1661 Eliot Bible and ancient Maya ceramics—all without leaving campus?”

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