Meet the Peabody

Our Team

Meet our staff and educators at the Peabody.

Ryan Wheeler

Director and Chair of Archaeology

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Marla Taylor

Curator of Collections

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John Bergman-McCool

Collections Coordinator and Work Duty Supervisor

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Emma Lavoie

Administrative Assistant

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Volunteers & Interns

Richard Davis, Volunteer since 2019

Michael Agostino, Volunteer since 2022

Volunteer Opportunities

If you are interested in volunteering at the Peabody please contact John Bergman-McCool, Collections Coordinator. Potential volunteers with a background in Archaeology, Anthropology, Museum Studies, Library Science or Archives are encouraged to reach out.

*Please note: All interns/volunteers must undergo full background checks and complete CORI and SORI forms prior to work at the Peabody Institute.

Board of Advisors


  • Jenny Elkus ’92, Chair
  • Eric Greenhut ’92, P’27, ’28, Vice Chair


    • Jaime Arsenault-Cote, White Earth Band of the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe
    • Benjamin Burke ’11
    • Barbara Callahan
    • Mark Cutler, P’24, ’26, Instructor in Spanish, Andover
    • Marcelle A. Doheny, P’18, Instructor in History and Social Science, Andover
    • Isidro Ferrer ’98
    • William P. Heidrich ’72, P’03, ’11
    • Apsara Iyer ’12
    • Jimmy Moore ’96
    • Daniel H. Sandweiss, PhD ’75, Professor of Anthropology and Quaternary & Climate Studies, University of Maine, Orono
    • Kuni Schmertzler P’05, ’07
    • Kaaren Shalom '79, P'17
    • Donny Slater, PhD, P’28, Instructor in History and Social Science, Andover
    • Paulette Steeves, PhD, Canada Research Chair in Healing and Reconciliation at Algoma University
    • Kathleen Sterling, PhD, Associate Professor of Anthropology, Binghamton University, State University of New York
    • Brandon Stroman, ’97
    • Lee Westerfield ’86, P’18, ’21

    Emeriti Members

    • Elizabeth Artz Beim, ’58, P’88
    • Marshall P. Cloyd ’58, P’88, ’95, ’03
    • Meg Conkey, PhD
    • James B. Richardson III, PhD, Professor Emeritus, Department of Anthropology, University of Pittsburgh; Curator Emeritus, Carnegie Museum of Natural History

    Ex officio Members

    • Thomas P. Lockerby, Secretary of the Academy, Andover