Meet the Peabody

Our Team

Meet our staff and educators at the Peabody.

Ryan Wheeler

Director and Chair of Archaeology

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Marla Taylor

Curator of Collections

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Emma Lavoie

Administrative Assistant

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John Bergman-McCool

Collections Coordinator and Work Duty Supervisor

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Volunteers & Interns

Richard Davis
Volunteer since 2019
Richard is working on inventorying and rehousing collections. Richard is a retired telecommunications professional, is both a long time hospice volunteer and leader of in person & virtual Death Cafes. Richard also spent several years as a disc jockey at the Merrimack College Radio Station.

Susan Rosefsky
Volunteer since 2009
Susan has spent much of her volunteer time vacuuming and inspecting textiles for pest activity. She is now working on digitizing our photographic collection and archives. Susan is a retired piano teacher and volunteer coordinator.

Dr. Quinn Rosefky ’59
Volunteer since 2009
Quinn has worked on a variety of projects including inventorying photograph and archive collections. He currently works on inventorying and rehousing collections. Quinn is a retired child, adolescent, and adult Psychiatrist and Phillips Academy alumni, class of 1959. He is a watercolor artist and teaches at the BOLLI program at Brandeis University.

Volunteer Opportunities

If you are interested in volunteering at the Peabody please contact John Bergman-McCool, Collections Assistant. Potential volunteers with a background in Archaeology, Anthropology, Museum Studies, Library Science or Archives are encouraged to reach out.

*Please note: All interns/volunteers must undergo full background checks and complete CORI and SORI forms prior to work at the Peabody Institute.

Meet our wonderful Peabody volunteers - Quinn, Susan, and Richard.

Advisory Committee


  • Jenny Elkus ’92, Chair
  • Eric Greenhut ’92, Vice Chair


    • Jaime Arsenault-Cote
    • Benjamin Burke ’11
    • Marcelle A. Doheny, P’18, Instructor in History and Social Science, Andover
    • Barbara Callahan
    • Mark Cutler, Instructor in Spanish, Andover
    • Eric Greenhut ’92
    • William P. Heidrich ’72, P’03, ’11
    • Apsara Iyer ’12
    • Heather Dunbar Lucas ’88
    • Daniel H. Sandweiss, PhD ’75, Professor of Anthropology and Quaternary & Climate Studies, University of Maine, Orono
    • Kaaren Shalom '79, P'17
    • Donny Slater, PhD, Instructor in History and Social Science, Andover
    • Paulette Steeves, PhD, Canada Research Chair in Healing and Reconciliation at Algoma University
    • Kathleen Sterling, PhD, Associate Professor of Anthropology, Binghamton University, State University of New York
    • Brandon Stroman, ’97
    • Lee Westerfield ’86, P’18, ’21

    Emeriti Members

    • Elizabeth Artz Beim, ’58, P’88
    • Marshall P. Cloyd ’58, P’88, ’95, ’03
    • Meg Conkey, PhD
    • James B. Richardson III, PhD, Professor Emeritus, Department of Anthropology, University of Pittsburgh; Curator Emeritus, Carnegie Museum of Natural History
    • Rebecca M. Sykes, P’92, ’97, ’01
    • David Hurst Thomas, PhD

    Ex officio Members

    • Thomas P. Lockerby, Secretary of the Academy, Andover
    • Raj Mundra, P’18, ’20, Dean of Studies, Andover