Winter Term Information for Phillips Academy Families

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People of Andover


Hong Kong

Gayatri, Junior

Mason, OH

“Whether you're laughing with friends or conversing with a favorite teacher, the community's palpable here.”

Sophie, Junior

Summit, NJ

“Never have I felt more like I belong than here. People are genuinely interested in getting to know you.”


Kingston, Jamaica

Sofia, Junior

Andover, MA

Day student. Tennis. Swimming.

Mark, Senior

"Definitely try new things. I do a lot of sports, but this year I surprised myself and danced in The Nutcracker."

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Abigail, Upper

Washington, D.C.

“I’ve had the opportunity to sing opera on two occasions so far—at a cluster gathering and then at Coffeehouse. That was amazing.”

Fred, Junior

New York, NY

“Everyone is really welcoming. No one treats you as if you don’t belong. Everyone wants you to have the best time.”

Macey, Senior

Boston, MA

“My favorite Andover moments have been having fun practices with the swim team.”


Portland, Oregon

Jenni, Senior

Tampa, FL

Personal goal: “Direct my own musical senior year.”

Celeste, Lower

Wellesley, MA

"You can perform here at any level. Everyone should give theatre and dance a try."

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Beverly, MA

Sal, Senior

Chelmsford, MA

“I definitely needed another year of school to focus on my academic skills, and become a bigger, stronger, faster athlete.”

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Chris, Senior

Waitsfield, VT

“Yes, the education is amazing. But the people make it perfect.”


Cambridge, MA


Needham, MA

Jan, Senior

Bangkok, Thailand

Member of The Printer, Kpop Club, and PA Health

David, Senior

Natick, MA

“Everyone here has a sense of purpose that is greater than themselves.”




Sacramento, CA

Aditya, Upper

Darien, CT

Works with people with intellectual and developmental disabilities as part of Andover's community engagement program.


Westport, CT

Aissata, Senior

Lithonia, GA

“The math program I coordinate not only redefines what math can mean for kids—it helps build self-confidence.”


Houston, TX

Jair, Upper

Santa Ana, CA

Copy editor for The Phillipian, board member for Out of the Blue, and member of Alianza Latina and Chinese Language Club.


Reading, MA

Anneke, Senior

Holland, MI

Rock climber, cyclist, and future skydiver. Focused on environmental stewardship and sustainability.

William, Senior

"Music at Andover is a candy store with endless opportunities. I have written compositions, jammed in a band, and played around the world."


New York City

Megan, Lower

Weston, FL

“In Girl Up I’m able to work with other amazing students to fundraise and promote girls’ education in developing countries.”


Princeton, NJ

Kiarah, Upper

Salem, NH

SLAM stepper, tap dancer and member of two a cappella groups.


Andover, MA


Long Island, NY

Zoe, Senior

Teaneck, NJ

“There is no better place for growth, learning, and self-discovery.”


Methuen, MA


Hong Kong

Jeffrey, Senior

Homewood, IL

"Sometimes you’ll catch me dancing down the paths if I have a cool song in my head. Don’t be afraid to say hi—I love talking to people!"

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Mexico City, Mexico


Charlotte, VT

Sydney, Upper

Englewood, NJ

“I’ve been dancing for 10 years and Andover’s performing arts program is what really drew me to the school.”

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Helen, Senior

Andover, MA

“Andover is all about the people. Nowhere else will you find a community so welcoming, loving, hardworking, and passionate about learning.”

Olivia, Upper

Austin, TX

“I came in as a new lower, and I was so lucky to be quickly surrounded by people who were excited to make me feel like I was at home.”

Sabrina, Senior

Needham, MA

“My dance instructors not only intensified my love for ballet—they also pushed me to explore other avenues I might never have experienced.”

Grace, Upper

Cave Creek, AZ

“The Andover community is comprised of people, students and faculty alike, who have unique stories to tell.”

Jeanelle, Senior

North Andover, MA

Hunger Projects Community Engagement Coordinator, Head of the Middle Eastern Society, and Manager for Boys Varsity Basketball


Andover, MA

Connor, Upper

Snowmass Village, CO

"My favorite game was against Exeter last fall. It ended in a tie, but it was exciting from the first whistle until the last."

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Emily, Upper

Clifton, NJ

Aspiration: "Even though I'm a terrible dancer, I'd like to try out for the Hypnotiq dance group."


Trumansburg, NY

James, Upper

Morganton, NC

“My favorite moment each year is getting to meet the new students and hearing about the amazing things they do.”


Sudbury, MA

Sophia, Lower

Needham, MA

“The strongest among us enjoy the New England weather.”

Peter, Senior

Pacific Palisades, CA

Varsity Baseball, Phillipian Business Associate, Dorm Prefect


South Hamilton, NY


Greenwich, CT

Sam, Senior

Portland, OR

“I have met my best friends, discovered my passions, and learned so much.”

Maho, Senior


“Andover is a place that allows you to be who you are, but at the same time challenges you to be someone better.”

Dallion, Senior

Haverhill, MA

“To represent Andover and wear the school name on my jersey is a true honor, and it pushes me to be the best basketball player I can be.”

Michelle, Senior

Hong Kong

“When you come to Big Blue, You find the best you; But if you never shoot for the moon, You’ll never know what you can do!”

Eliza, Upper

Woodside, CA

Varsity Water Polo, F-Stop Magazine Board, PA Health Club, Admisson Ambassador

Gregor Deveau ’21


Boca Raton, FL


Clarksville, Maryland


Bethesda, Maryland

Jenn, Senior

Hong Kong / New Jersey

Favorite campus moments: ”Studying with my friends outside the library, and petting whichever dogs that passed by.”


La Grange, IL

Jimin, Upper

Irvine, CA

“I love the strong sense of community that comes from living with my friends and teachers.”

Robert, Upper

Bronx, NY

“Andover adds that extra spice to your life, and it's a place you'll always keep dear to your heart.”


Reading, MA


Houston, TX


Originally Salt Lake City, UT; now Andover, MA


Brooklike, MA


Montreal, Canada

Camilla, Senior

“I took a yearlong studio art course, and that class became a family. It is invigorating to collaborate with an intellectual community.”


San Francisco, CA


Naples, FL

Dyran, Senior

North Charleston, SC

"Learning—and making mistakes—with my classmates has made my music experience really fun."

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McLean, VA


Shanghai, China

Ben, Junior

Concord, MA

"Everyone here wants to help you. You’ll figure things out, meet amazing people, and have incredible opportunities."

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Emily, Upper

Kingston, Jamaica

“You will make friends from all over the world, learn from the best teachers and faculty, and try things you never even considered before.”

Alex, Upper

Athens, TX

“English is a really fun class that is entirely discussion-based with other new Uppers. I feel like I’m really thriving there.”

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South Hamilton, MA

Isa, Lower

Quito, Ecuador

“Try everything. Be a beginner and own it, because everyone here will support you for it.”

Axel, Senior

Riverside, CT

"I have always been interested in science, most recently genetics and immunology."

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Jack, Upper

Atlanta, GA


New York, NY


Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania

Abby, Senior

Sacramento, CA

Plays soccer, manages the varsity baseball team and created a prosthetic hand in The Nest to donate to a nonprofit.

John, Upper

Madison, CT

Chess Team, Model UN, Mock Trial, and Philomathean Society. Maker.

Neil, Senior

Beaconsfield, Quebec

“Coaches are committed to student success and health both on and off the field. Andover is the ultimate environment for a student-athlete.”

Carter, Senior

Vancouver, BC

“I will leave this place with completely different interests and values than when I came.”


Saint-Anicet, Quebec, Canada

Lauren, Lower

"There are so many clubs you can get involved with, so many events you can go to, so many cultures and ideas you can explore."

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Menlo Park, CA

Annie, Senior

New York, NY

“Ms. Hilton inspired me to apply for prefect—a position that she held when she went here.”


Queens, NYC


New York, NY


New York, NY

Emma, Upper

New Canaan, CT

"Creativity is really everywhere at Andover. Instructors in all of our classes, not just the arts, teach us to think creatively."

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Oakton, Virginia

Yishu, Senior

Hong Kong

Dancer, Mock Trial member, learning to fly with flight simulators in Aviation Club

Zenia, Junior

Andover, MA

"Doing an independent study, taking higher-level classes—I want to experience that. And I want to enjoy it."


Vancouver, Canada

Will, Lower

Pacific Palisades, CA

“​New student orientation was a great way to meet people. ​All of my closest friends I met during that first week of school.”​​

Nash, Upper

New York, NY

“One of my top priorities in my final two years at Andover is to win a Cluster Ball Championship.”


Williamstown, MA


Manhattan/Portland, Maine

Kennedy, Lower

Montclair, NJ

“Each team is like a family; the girls I play with are like sisters.”

Isabel, Upper

Sewickley, PA

Varsity Crew, BOSS Magazine, Girls Global Health Club, fan of caprese paninis at Paresky Commons

Luke, Upper

Raleigh, NC

“Andover’s music program is extensive and dynamic. Music has created relationships for me.”

Nicola, Senior

Wallingford, CT

“The one thing that really makes Andover stand out is that there’s no end to what you’re offered.”


Woodstock, NY

Mafi, Upper

Guatemala City, Guatemala

“Andover is the most welcoming place. Everyone can be focused on what they’re doing yet never stop caring about people around them.”

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Gracie, Lower

Garden City, NY

"I wanted to be exposed to lots of different ways of thinking. I wanted to have an international roomate—and I did. And we're best friends."


Jakarta, Indonesia


Murphy, TX



Gunga, Super Senior

Andover, MA

"When I say blue, you say white!"

Sadie, Upper

Takoma Park, MD

“I find myself constantly challenged in interesting ways, and surrounded by amazing and kind people every day.”

Lucas, Senior

Sutton, MA

“Attending Andover is truly a life-changing experience. Every student is kind, caring, supporting of others, and eager to learn.”


Andover, MA / State College, PA

Tenzin, Senior

Malden, MA

"I always thought a leader had to be outspoken, outgoing…Not true! Now I find myself in the positions that my friends and I looked up to."

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Wellesley, MA

Emily, Senior

Andover, MA

“Andover is a world of exploration. Andover is a place where you try new things, meet new people, and find the things you love.”


Berkeley, CA

Mary, Lower

Jackson, WY

"I came here from a very small school in the mountains of Wyoming. Andover welcomed me with open arms—then told me to get busy!"

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Grace, Upper

Pasadena, CA

Proctor, varsity swimmer, cyclist, copresident of Philosophy Club

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Great Neck, New York

Joseph, Lower

Andover, MA

"Sometimes things don’t go as planned. Failure isn’t an issue unless you give up."

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David, Upper

Rockville, MD

"When you rep the Big Blue, you gotta play hard, play smart, and play together. Dubs will follow."

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Harry, Lower

Bangkok, Thailand

“Having a roommate has provided me with many new perspectives. It’s been great to make new friends in the dorm and build relationships.”

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New York, NY