Volunteer Opportunities

Alumni volunteers embody the non sibi spirit and the Academy often looks to our alumni to further the mission of Andover. Thank you to our current volunteers offering their time and talent on behalf of our students, faculty, staff, alumni, and parents. 

From helping to engage alumni and parents in your community, to interviewing potential Andover students, to helping raise funds for your next Reunion Gift, there are many ways to remain connected and committed to Andover. See below for a variety of volunteer opportunities and please contact the Office of Alumni Engagement at 978-749-4280 for more information.

Alumni Admission Representative

Job description: Interview applicants for admission to Phillips Academy  

Estimated time commitment: 1+ hour / month; busiest in the winter leading up to April decisions

If interested, please contact Jo Labelle in the Admission Office.

Alumni Council

Job description: Andover Alumni Council works to promote a close relationship and understanding between the Academy and its alumni. Alumni Council members provide advice and counsel to the school on matters relating to education, administration, admission, financial aid, athletics, alumni affairs, and communication between and among the Academy, its alumni, and the external community. The Council also assists the Trustees and administration in raising funds for the school. Council members attend two on-campus meetings each year and actively participate on committees between meetings.

Estimated time commitment: 1+ hour / month; busiest during on-campus meetings from noon Friday to Saturday afternoon in late Oct / early Nov and late April / early May

For more information, please contact Karleigh Antista

Alumni-Sponsored Internship for Young Alumni

Job description: If your organization offers internships, please let us know; answer questions from interested young alumni; contact the intern at the beginning and end of the internship to see how it went.  

Estimated time commitment: 1+ hour / month

For more information, please contact Jen Hout.

Class Agent

Job description: Educate your classmates about the philanthropic priorities of the Academy and the benefits of their participation at any level; help to raise money by personal outreach to peers via the Volunteer Information Portal, and other forms of communication. 

Estimated time commitment: 1+ hour / month 

For more information, please contact Kristin Faivre.

Class Secretary

Job description: Contact your classmates to gather information to include in Class Notes; many use Facebook, listservs, and other technology to remind classmates to submit their Notes; provide opportunities for all classmates to share their information with particular attention paid to those who haven’t contributed frequently. 

Estimated time commitment: 2+ hours / month; busiest during Notes deadlines three times a year 

For more information, please contact Rita Savard.

Non Sibi Project Leader or Participant

Job description: Contact an organization that could use volunteer help; encourage others to attend and contact the Office of Alumni Engagement to post on the website. 

Estimated time commitment: 2+ hours / month depending on organization’s needs; Non Sibi 365 offers ability to organize projects more frequently throughout the year 

For more information, please contact Karleigh Antista.

Regional Volunteer

Job description: Offer on-the-ground insight as to where and when to have a local event; add name to invitation as part of the host committee. Currently we have Regional Leadership Teams in Northern California, Southern California, the Carolinas, Chicago, New England, New York, and Washington, D.C. 

Estimated time commitment: 3+ hours / month, attend local quarterly events

For more information, please contact Crystal McGuire.

Reunion Planning Committee

Job description: Contact classmates to encourage them to attend Reunion Weekend in June; update contact information. Join monthly conference calls to help plan the details of the upcoming Reunion.

Estimated time commitment: 1+ hour / month with monthly conference call; busiest from January to June 

For more information, please contact the Office of Alumni Engagement at alumni@andover.edu.