With Gratitude

Andover is thankful for YOU, our donors—who invest in our Big Blue mission and bring our ideals to life.

We proudly celebrate you in our Honor Roll, knowing that your generosity continues a tradition of philanthropy that extends for generations and can be traced to our founding in 1778.

Your commitment drives innovation in teaching and learning. Sparks excellence in the arts and athletics. And delivers far-reaching programming through our world-class museum, institutes, and Outreach programs. You inspire everything that makes Andover exceptional.

Giving back to Andover is so much more than a financial contribution—it is a vote of confidence in everything PA is today. Through annual and leadership support, alumni, families, and friends are honoring their connections and forging student experiences that will last a lifetime.

Allison Ferranti MacBride ’98 Bulfinch Loyalty Society Member

Lifetime Giving Societies

Annual Giving to Andover

FY22 (July 1, 2021 – June 30, 2022)


Guide to Giving

Please learn more about your impact and discover the benefits of our recognition societies:

The Non Sibi Association salutes all annual leadership donors who give $1,778 or greater to support the Academy’s most pressing needs.

  • Benefactor ($100,000+)
  • Partner ($50,000 – $99,999)
  • Fellow ($25,000 – $49,999)
  • Scholar ($10,000 – $24,999)
  • Patron ($5,000 – $9,999)
  • 1778 Founder ($1,778 – $4,999)
  • 1778 Founder (1st­­­­–5th Reunion, $250 – $4,999)
  • 1778 Founder (6th–10th Reunion, $500 – $4,999)

*To preserve the value of inclusiveness on campus, Non Sibi Association and Thomas Cochran Society memberships are not listed for current parents and grandparents in this Honor Roll.

The Bulfinch Loyalty Society recognizes all donors who give to the school in two or more consecutive years or, for our most recent graduates, who participate in their Senior Class Gift.

The Thomas Cochran Society honors all who have generously made cash gifts of $250,000 or more to Andover in their lifetime.

The Samuel Phillips & Sarah Abbot Society celebrates those who secure the Academy’s future by remembering the school in their estate plans.

Andover continues to embrace its mission as a private school with a public purpose through its Outreach programs, including Andover Bread Loaf and PALS, and those initiatives listed below:

The Institute for Recruitment of Teachers (IRT) addresses the lack of diversity in the nation’s teaching faculties by recruiting outstanding students of color and other scholars committed to diversity, counseling them through the graduate school application process, and advocating for sufficient funding for advanced study.

(MS)2 promotes diversity in the STEM fields by developing the competencies and self-confidence of outstanding high school students of color through an innovative three-summer residential program.

Summer Session (SMR) is widely recognized as one of the nation’s premier summer academic enrichment programs, helping students from across the United States and around the world achieve ambitious educational goals.