Abbot Academy Fund


Income from the Abbot Academy Fund (AAF) is used to provide initial funding for projects consistent with the traditions and ideals of Abbot Academy and the current needs of Phillips Academy. The Fund seeks to support the fullest realization of coeducation. Its concern is the nourishment of the individual's potential within a residential academic community. Grants are made in the following general areas:

  • Exploratory approaches to education, particularly in the realm of human behavior;
  • Studies in the learning and development processes of youth;
  • Social and recreational opportunities for students not otherwise provided for, particularly in sports, the creative arts, music, drama, and the humanities;
  • Opportunities for increased informal communication among and between students, faculty, administration, and community;
  • Such other projects as may benefit the quality of life at Phillips Academy; and/or heighten the impact and reputation of Phillips Academy across the nation and around the world. 
Examples of Grant Proposals 

In an effort to assist with the grant proposal process, we have provided examples below of recent proposals for Abbot Grants that were funded. These are not meant to be replicated or duplicated, but to offer perspective as a reference for the quality and requirements in your potential proposal prior to submitting.


Funding is limited to projects undertaken for the benefit of Phillips Academy and consistent with the goals of the AAF. A single project will not be funded for more than three years.


Faculty, administrators, staff, and students of Phillips Academy are eligible; students must apply along with a faculty sponsor.  

Selection Procedure 

Grants are made twice annually. Applications are reviewed by the directors of the AAF in consultation with the Head of School. The board favors proposals that show careful planning and a precise budget.

History of Funded Grants

Since the first Abbot Grant was awarded in the fall of 1973, more than 2200 Abbot Grant proposals have been submitted by students and members of the faculty, staff and administration of Phillips Academy. Grants have been awarded to just under 1600 of these proposals in an amount totaling close to $11,000,000.

In April 1994, the AAF undertook the task of sorting through past proposals and entering them into a database. The proposals are sorted by decade and list the date of the meeting. Each listing also contains the name of the proposer (if known) and a brief description of the proposals.

Board of Directors

Meet the alumni who are elected by the board and serve a maximum of two, three-year terms.

Aisha Jorge Massengill ’88

Senior Counsel, Employment for Under Armour. President of the Abbot Academy Fund.

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Lee Webb '59

Governance cochair for the Abbot Academy Fund. Senior Fellow at the Margaret Chase Smith Policy Center at the University of Maine.

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Chandri Navarro ’82

Director of the Abbot Academy Fund. Boosted enthusiasm as a Blue Key, participated in Af-Lat-Am, and played varsity soccer.

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Gary Meller ’68

Governance Co-Chair, Abbot Academy Fund.

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Kirsten L. Riemer ’99

Secretary, Abbot Academy Fund.

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José Díaz Hernández ’88

Program Chair, Abbot Academy Fund. Alumni Admissions Representative.

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Jane Christie ’58

Director, Abbot Academy Fund. Member of Alumni Council Executive Committee and the Annual Giving Board Committee.

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Annie Spader Byerly ’73

Nominating Chair, Abbot Academy Fund

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Elizabeth Humstone ’66

Director, Abbot Academy Fund

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Robert Barber ’68

Former United States Ambassador to Iceland. Director, Abbot Academy Fund.

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Jesse Bardo ’03

Director, Abbot Academy Fund.