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Last Name, First Name Phone Email Title Department/Office
Rachlin, Noah 978-749-4222 Email » Instructor, History and Social Science; Complementary House Counselor, Draper Cottage History & Social Science; Dean of Students Office
Ralston, Gail L. 978-749-4130 Email » Office Manager, Chaplaincy Chaplaincy
Ramos, Alcibiades 978-749-4122 Email » Clerk, Central Services Central Services
Ramos, Marisela 978-749-4222 Email » Instructor, History and Social Science; House Counselor, Adams Hall North History & Social Science; Dean of Students Office
Randall, Lindsay A. 978-749-4496 Email » Curator of Education, Peabody Museum Robert S. Peabody Museum
Rea, David P. 978-749-4370 Email » Instructor, Physics; Complementary House Counselor, Bancroft Hall Physics; Dean of Students Office
Reitz, Benjamin 978-749-4202 Email » Instructor, Chinese ; House Counselor, America House Chinese; Dean of Students Office
Reum, Monica R. 4115 Email » Recruitment and Admission Programs Specialist Inst. for Recruit. of Teachers
Rex, John C. 978-749-4095 Email » Coach Athletics
Richie, Garrett F. 978-749-4185 Email » Instructor, English; House Counselor, Foxcroft Hall English; Dean of Students Office
Riddle, Samantha R. Email » Assistant Athletic Trainer Athletics
Rigano, Charissa M. 4419 Email » Business Analyst Summer Session
Rioux, Tina Marie 978-749-4508 Email » Payroll Accountant Comptroller's Office
Rivera, Jose L. 978-749-4318 Email » Facilities Maintenance Worker Office of Physical Plant
Rivera, Maria 978-749-4455 Email » Physician Assistant Sykes Wellness Medical
Rivera, Santa 978-749-4455 Email » Certified Nursing Assistant Sykes Wellness Medical
Roberts, Adam 978-749-4672 Email » Communications Specialist Communication
Roberts, John J. Email » Director of Squash; House Counselor, Stearns House Athletics; Dean of Students Office
Roberts, Paige 978-749-4069 Email » Director, Archives and Special Collections Oliver W. Holmes Library
Robertson, Eugene P. 978-749-4632 Email » Day Custodian Office of Physical Plant
Robertson, George E. 978-749-4598, x2320 Email » Senior Officer, Public Safety Public Safety Department
Robinson, Keith A. 978-749-4373; 978-749-4371 Email » Instructor, Biology; Instructor, Chemistry ; House Counselor, Elbridge H. Stuart House North Biology; Chemistry; Dean of Students Office
Robinson, Sarah E. 978-749-4455 Email » RN Practitioner/Wellness Educator; Summer Session Director of Clinical Services Sykes Wellness Medical
Rodriguez, Nicaury M. 4518 Email » Accounts Receivable Specialist Comptroller's Office
Rodriguez, Stephen M. 978-749-4312 Email » Director of Annual Giving Office of Academy Resources
Rogers, John E. 978-749-4370 Email » Instructor, Physics Physics
Roland, Eric 978-749-4246 Email » Precourt Director of Partnerships Andover Institute of Technolog
Rolli, Steven P. 978-749-4088 Email » Assistant Athletics Equipment Manager/Laundry Attendant Athletics
Roscoe, David 978-749-4024 Email » Addison Security Officer Addison Gallery
Rosmarinofski, Dominic J. 4339 Email » Temporary Summer Grounds Person Office of Physical Plant
Rossetti, Gilda M. 978-749-4024 Email » Addison Security Officer Addison Gallery
Roy, Jason D. 978-749-4127 Email » Preparator, Addison Gallery Addison Gallery
Ruggles, Benjamin W. 978-684-7201 Email » Director of Rink Operations Ice Rink Operations
Russell, Patricia C. Email » Leave of Absence Dean of Faculty Office
Russell, Robert 978-749-4024 Email » Addison Security Officer Addison Gallery
Russell, Stephen W. 978-749-4240 Email » Instructor, Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science; Complementary House Counselor, Carter House Math, Stats & Computer Science; Dean of Students Office
Russo, Casey W. 978-749-4346 Email » Capital Project Manager Office of Physical Plant
Rzeppa, Donald 978-749-4598, x2312 Email » Dispatcher, Public Safety Public Safety Department