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Last Name, First Name Phone Email Title Department/Office
Haddon, Nicholas J. 978-749-4015 Email » Security Manager, Addison Gallery Addison Gallery
Hagler, Jeremiah C. 978-749-4373 Email » Instructor, Biology; Sabbatical, Full Year Biology; Dean of Faculty Office
Hallgren, Sherri L. 978-749-4185 Email » Adjunct Instructor, English English
Hamlin, Alison 978-749-4371; 978-749-4984 Email » Teaching Fellow, Chemistry; House Counselor, Johnson Hall Chemistry; Dean of Students Office
Hannay, Bruce E. 978-749-4632 Email » Lead, Day Custodial Office of Physical Plant
Har, Patricia R. 978-749-4185 Email » Instructor, English; Complementary House Counselor, Alumni House English; Dean of Students Office
Harrigan, Margaret L. 978-749-4595; 978-749-4592 Email » Instructor, Art; Chair, Art Art; Art
Hawthorne, Tasha M. 978-749-4185 Email » Instructor, English; Leave of Absence English; Dean of Faculty Office
Hayes, Rebecca L. 978-749-4017 Email » Curator of Education, Addison Gallery Addison Gallery
Heath, Robert L. 978-749-4303 Email » Coordinator, Parent Development Office of Academy Resources
Heckman, Wendy E. 978-749-4264 Email » W.B. Clift Music Librarian Music
Heelan, Kevin P. 978-749-4429 Email » Instructor, Theatre ; Complementary House Counselor, Tucker House Theatre & Dance; Dean of Students Office
Heffernan, Katherine M. 978-749-4185; 978-749-4846 Email » Teaching Fellow, English; House Counselor, Henry L. Stimson House English; Dean of Students Office
Henderson, Russell A. x2316 Email » Officer, Public Safety Public Safety Department
Heon, Suzanne M. 978-749-4541 Email » Psychological Counselor/Wellness Educator Sykes Wellness Psychological
Herbster, Jessica L. 4102 Email » General Counsel Business Office
Hernandez-Guarniz, Karina E. 978-749-4150 Email » Associate Director, College Counseling; House Counselor, Henry L. Stimson House West College Counseling; Dean of Students Office
Hesquijarosa, Liza 978-749-4455 Email » Registered Nurse Sykes Wellness Medical
Hession, Matthew C. 978-749-4175; 978-749-4222 Email » Cluster Dean, Flagstaff; Instructor, History and Social Science Dean of Students Office; History & Social Science
Hession, Rebecca S. 978-749-4095 Email » Coach Athletics
Hill, Kevin 978-749-4343 Email » Night Custodian Office of Physical Plant
Hilton, Sheena T. 978-749-4371 Email » Instructor, Chemistry ; House Counselor, Paul Revere Hall Chemistry; Dean of Students Office
Hixson, Samantha L. Email » Collections Assistant, Robert S. Peabody Museum Robert S. Peabody Museum
Hobbs, Jonathan A. 978-749-4652 Email » HVAC Technician Office of Physical Plant
Hodges, Mark 978-749-4095 Email » Coach Athletics
Hodgson, Thomas S. Email » Instructor, Philosophy and Religious Studies Philosophy & Religious Studies
Hoenig, Scott W. 978-749-4161; 978-749-4240 Email » Assistant Dean of Studies for Advising; Instructor, Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science; House Counselor, Fuess House North Dean of Studies Office; Math, Stats & Computer Science; Dean of Students Office
Holley, Jerome T. 978-749-4532 Email » Day Athletic Custodian Office of Physical Plant
Holley, Leon M. 978-749-4373; 978-749-4373 Email » Instructor, Biology; Chair, Biology Biology; Biology
Housiaux, J. A. 978-749-4133 Email » Instructor, Philosophy and Religious Studies; Chair, Philosophy and Religious Studies ; House Counselor, Draper Cottage Philosophy & Religious Studies; Philosophy & Religious Studies; Dean of Students Office
Hout, Jennifer 978-749-4271 Email » Assistant Director, Alumni Engagement, Young Alumni and Senior Class Office of Academy Resources
Howard, Julia W. 4139 Email » Fellow in Community Engagement; Complementary House Counselor, Clement House Community Service; Dean of Students Office
Howell, Susan 978-749-4050 Email » Admission Associate Admission
Howes, Adam 978-749-4535 Email » Electrician Office of Physical Plant
Hoyt, David B. Email » Technical Support Specialist Office of Information Technology
Hoyt, Judy B. 978-749-4610 Email » Associate Director, Information Systems Office of Information Technology
Hughes, Eugene 978-749-4200 Email » Instructor, French ; House Counselor, Tucker House French; Dean of Students Office
Hugon, Jacques L. 978-749-4246 Email » Senior Technology Partner for Tang Institute Andover Institute of Technolog
Hurley, Dale P. 978-749-4240 Email » Instructor, Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science Math, Stats & Computer Science
Hurteau, Paul Email » Seventh Grade Master Teacher, PALS PALS
Hyland, Rachel A. 978-749-4200 Email » Instructor, Spanish; Complementary House Counselor, Double Brick House Spanish; Dean of Students Office
Hyland, Sean 978-749-4095 Email » Coach Athletics