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Last Name, First Name Phone Email Title Department/Office
Abbott, Susannah 978-749-4294 Email » Major Gift Officer Office of Academy Resources
Abel, Willa B. 978-749-4373 Email » Instructor, Biology Biology
Abreu, Christopher 978-749-4143 Email » Security Events Coordinator Addison Gallery
Acosta, Andrea L. 978-749-4185 Email » Teaching Fellow, English English
Adams, Kimberly 978-749-4156 Email » Administrative Assistant College Counseling
Aglugub, Raymond 978-749-4304 Email » Director of Operations, Planning and Analytics Office of Academy Resources
Ainsworth, Tracy E. 978-749-4222; 978-749-4222 Email » Instructor, History and Social Science; Director, Brace Center; Sabbatical, Full Year History & Social Science; Brace Center; Sabbatical
Aldrich, Michelle F. 978-749-2323 Email » Dispatcher, Public Safety Public Safety Department
Alfonso, Denise M. 978-749-4371 Email » Instructor, Chemistry Chemistry
Allen, Karen B. 6462741790 Email » Office Manager Investment Office
Allen, Yasmine B. 978-749-4008 Email » Instructor, Spanish; Assistant Dean of Faculty Spanish; Dean of Faculty Office
Alliette, Scott 978-749-4341 Email » Lead, Electrical Office of Physical Plant
Almonte, Victor R. 978-749-4343 Email » Night Custodian Office of Physical Plant
Alonso, Fernando R. 978-749-4400; 978-749-4400 Email » Director of Outreach and Summer Session; Instructor, Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science Summer Session; Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science
Alovisetti, Max C. 978-749-4363 Email » Instructor, Psychology; Assistant Director, Graham House Counseling Center Psychology; Graham House
Alovisetti, Susan 978-749-4239 Email » Electronic Resources Librarian & Manager of Text Exchange Oliver W. Holmes Library
Alpert, Nancy E. 978-749-4600 Email » Associate Director, Network and Systems Services Technology Office
Amanfu, Lionel B. 978-749-4241 Email » Instructor, Math, Statistics and Computer Science Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science
Andersen, Rachel 978-749-4429; 978-749-4370 Email » Administrative Assistant, Theater; Science Division Assistant Theatre & Dance; Science
Andrew, Sarah 978-749-4455 Email » Physician Isham Health Center
Angis, Neil 978-749-4301 Email » Director of Donor Relations Office of Academy Resources
Antista, Karleigh 978-749-4274 Email » Alumni Engagement Coordinator Office of Academy Resources
Archambault, Kassie M. 978-749-4063 Email » Counselor, Admission Admission
Artacho Guerra, Carolina 978-749-4370 Email » Instructor, Physics Physics
Aude, Stephanie N. 978-749-4232 Email » Instructional Librarian Oliver W. Holmes Library
Aureden, Elizabeth G. 978-749-4260 Email » Instructor, Music Music
Avery, Vincent B. 978-749-4136 Email » Adjunct Instructor, Philosophy and Religious Studies Philosophy & Religious Studies
Bacon, Bruce W. Email » Instructor, Math, Statistics and Computer Science Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science
Bagshaw, Katherine 978-749-4015 Email » Visitor Services Greeter Addison Gallery
Bahn, Sharyn 978-749-4523 Email » Major Gift Officer for Educational Outreach Office of Academy Resources
Ballout, Laila K. 978-749-4222 Email » Instructor, History and Social Science History & Social Science
Barczak, Michael Email » Lab Monitor Art
Bardo, Seth B. 978-749-4185 Email » Instructor, English English
Barker, Michael J. 978-749-4231 Email » Director of Academy Research, Information and Library Svcs Oliver W. Holmes Library
Barnes, Holly A. 978-749-4249 Email » Director of Performance Music
Beckwith, Clyfe G. 978-749-4370 Email » Instructor, Physics Physics
Beeman, Kendall L. 978-749-4222 Email » Teaching Fellow, History History & Social Science
Bellocchio, Elizabeth C. 978-749-4264 Email » W.B. Clift Music Librarian Music
Bennett, Leeann 978-749-4105 Email » Director, Human Resources Human Resources
Bernieri, Louis M. 978-749-4386 Email » Instructor, English; Dir. Andover Bread Loaf; Coord. Bread Loaf Teacher Network English
Bethell, Charlyn M. Email » Adjunct Instructor Music
Bird, John E. 978-749-4185 Email » Instructor, English English
Bird, Kathleen A. 978-749-4676 Email » Contribution Specialist Office of Academy Resources
Birecki, Kathryn A. 978-749-4082 Email » Instructor and Trainer, Athletics Athletics
Blake, Michael R. 978-749-4234 Email » Associate Director for Instructional Services Oliver W. Holmes Library
Bleckmann, Mark 978-749-4609 Email » Technical Support Specialist Technology Office
Blunt, Nile K. 978-749-4222 Email » Instructor, History and Social Science History & Social Science
Bohne, James E. 978-749-4337 Email » Steamfitter Office of Physical Plant
Bonasera, Janelle 978-749-4167 Email » Coordinator of Partnerships and External Relations Inst. for Recruit. of Teachers
Bowden, Paula 978-749-4456 Email » X-Ray/Lab Technician Isham Health Center
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