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The Office of Communication’s digital team focuses on the creative execution of strategic priorities directed at our primary external audiences. We offer our expertise in several disciplines and provide useful tips, advice, and best practices for colleagues looking to tell visual stories.


Phillips Academy’s Office of Communications understands that photography is a vital tool in telling your story. The following guidelines will help you work with us and understand our process.


The Office of Communications has approximately 10 years worth of photos—printed on contact sheets—on file in Abbot Hall. PA colleagues are more than welcome to browse our collection for their needs. Please contact Neil Evans or Ken Puleo prior to stopping by or to set up an appointment.

We also have a robust library of digital images on our official SmugMug site. Most images are available to download directly from the web.

Please note that the digital communications team does not source photos for projects we are not leading.


Requests for photography should be submitted to Neil Evans or at least one week in advance with a brief summary of the assignment, purpose, and end use. We want to work with you to understand why you need photography, the concept of the assignment, and ultimately where the photos will end up. Depending on your needs, we may suggest alternative options, such as hiring a freelancer or loaning you one of our cameras. We try to accommodate all requests but know that our in-house staff simply cannot cover everything happening at Andover. All requests will be evaluated on a case by case basis.


The Office of Communications often hires freelance photographers. If you’re interested in hiring a freelance photographer, contact Allyson Irish at least three weeks in advance to coordinate. Departments hiring photographers will be responsible for covering all associated costs.


We encourage everyone to become citizen journalists and capture images any way possible.

Share and Submit
When it comes to sharing your digital photos, we prefer Dropbox. Upload your original files and share them with If necessary, we can create a photo request link for you to upload to. We do not recommend using direct email and attachments to share or send photography.


Neil Evans and Jessie Wallner are both licensed drone pilots, skilled at capturing aerial photography and video.

Drone Usage

We get it—drones are cool! They provide dynamic perspectives and unique angles for capturing photos and video. Beyond the novelty, we always want to make sure the mode matches the goal of the project. No one likes gratuitous drone shots.

If you're a student, or campus community member with a personal drone, please read and understand our Academy Drone Policy linked below.


The Office of Communications manages the official YouTube channel for Phillips Academy and frequently produces videos in-house and with external vendors. All of our productions target external audiences with clear connections to the priorities of the Academy and alignment with strategic goals.

For 2018-2019 we are focusing our video efforts around teaching, learning and the residential campus experience.


Do you have an idea for a project that aligns with our strategic goals? Contact Neil Evans to start the conversation.

A recent example of a production from our team involving storyboarding, filming, editing, and audio.

Bad audio can ruin great video. Always think about the sounds being recorded along with the visuals.

Jessie Wallner Digital Content Producer


When in doubt, hold your device in landscape and just hit record. Get more tips for filming your own videos.

Social Media

The Academy maintains an official presence in social media. We strive to apply minimal moderation to social media activity, and expect that employees will post content responsibly, as representatives of Phillips Academy.


Find our official and affiliated accounts listed below.


We encourage the use of social media to promote departments, events, teams and special interests. Our social media policy requires all official accounts to be approved by the Office of Communication. If you are interested in starting an account, contact Neil Evans. Before launching a new account we like to encourage administrators to think about:

  • Audience
  • Goals
  • Posting Frequency
  • Who is Managing the Channel
  • Editorial Tone and Voice
  • Quality of Imagery and Video
  • The Need Your Channel Serves

In thinking about these topics we aim to serve the Academy’s strategic priorities and encourage engagement with our various constituents. By having a plan going into your new social account, you increase your likelihood for adoption and success.


The Office of Communication administers our mass email system. The web service has been built with many custom templates for email editors to design compelling and unique messages for various Andover audiences.


Do you have a need for an email template or want to engage your external audiences with email differently? We’d love to work with you and your team. Email template projects typically require 4-8 weeks if produced internally and potentially longer if contracting with our external creative resources.

All audience list requests should be made to the Office of Information Services (for alumni) or the Director of Student Information (for parents). All list requests should be made at least two weeks in advance. For more information on email templates or to discuss your specific email needs, contact Jonathan Kapaldo.


Every Quarter is the official podcast of Andover and is produced by the Digital Team in the Office of Communication. We also use the medium for creative storytelling and oral history-type projects.


Do you have an idea for an episode of Every Quarter or an audio project? Contact Jessie Wallner to start the conversation.

The Digital Team

Meet the team behind Andover's online efforts.

Neil Evans

Associate Director, Digital Communications | External web, social media, video, photography, Andover eNews | 978-749-4279

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Jonathan Kapaldo

Visual Designer/Developer | digital design, web graphics, blast email administrator | 978-749-4299

Jessie Wallner

Digital Content Producer | Video, photography, web content, social media | 978-749-4675