Print Solutions

The communications print team creates branded print materials that promote Phillips Academy. We work closely with the digital team and our primary campus clients are “external-facing,” including the Office of Admission, Office of Academy Resources, and the Office of Alumni Engagement. For help with any collateral materials (e.g., brochures, flyers, and data sheets), view our team at the bottom of the page, or call communications at ext. 4659.

Raise awareness, inform your target audience


Posters are a great way to share information with the Andover community. Please plan ahead and allow three weeks for a poster to be completed. All information should be sent to Ken Puleo and Jill H. Clerkin.

In order for us to create a poster for you, please provide the following:

  • Date posters are needed “in hand” (you generally want posters up at least one week prior to event)
  • Account number for billing
  • Quantity desired (25 is typical for on-campus posting)
  • Text (see below)
  • Photo(s) and other graphics. We need all images to be high resolution (2 MB or larger) if possible, otherwise images will be grainy

The right information can make all the difference between a confusing poster or something that is really interesting and clear. In order to make your announcement stand out and provide the necessary information to the Andover community, please provide the following:

  • Headline suggestion(s)
  • Speaker name (include graduation year if a student)
  • Title of talk/event
  • Day, date, time, location
  • Faculty Advisor w/ title
  • Will food/dessert be served?
  • Free and open to the public?
  • Provide approximately 200 words of descriptive text. Include a summary of the event/talk and provide information on the speaker. Text will be edited for clarity and Andover style.
  • Information about who is sponsoring the event
  • Information about who is funding the event (please provide exact fund names)

Creative Brief

Most print projects begin with our creative brief. We recommend you download and review to discuss the questions included during a kick-off meeting. 

Internal Promotions


Publishes most Fridays throughout the school year. Email information to Deadline is 3 p.m. on Wednesday. Questions? Call 978-749-4659.


Publishes every other Friday throughout most of the school year. Email information to Deadline is 3 p.m. on Tuesday. Questions? Call Belinda Traub at 978-749-4005.


Running low on branded PA or campaign business cards, notecards, or notepaper? Contact x4659.

The Print Team

For help with any collateral materials (e.g., brochures, flyers, and data sheets), view our team below, or call communications at ext. 4659.

Allyson Irish

Director, Editorial and Creative Services | Andover magazine editor, oversee all print marketing, photography management | 978-749-4677

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Jill Clerkin

Director of Publications | Printed collateral of all kinds, editing and proofreading, photography | 978-749-4295

Matthew Bellico

Director of Advancement Communications | Knowledge & Goodness campaign and OAR communications, fundraising marketing | 978-749-4066

Ken Puleo

Art Director | Print design and layout, brochures, newsletters and development materials, photo management | 978-749-4475

Anne Marino

Senior Graphic Designer | Print design—from concept to completion, strategic print solutions, photo planning and direction | 978-749-4302

Rita Savard

Associate Editor, Andover Magazine | Andover magazine content, writing and editing | 978-749-4040

Amy Dattilo

Associate Director of Advancement Communications | OAR advancement communications, marketing strategy, content development | 978-749-4672