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Alumni Council Committees

The Alumni Council consists of eight standing committees and four ad-hoc committees.

Abbot@Andover, ad-hoc

Chair: Blakeman Hazzard Allen '66 Vice Chair: Noreen Markley '73 Members: Mae Bradshaw '62, Sara Ingrim '71, Lynne Moriarty Langlois '62, Cornelia Weldon LeMaitre '53, Shirley Rae (Lee) Sullivan '67, and Ruth Sisson Weiner '66

One of the first educational institutions in New England founded for girls and women, Abbot Academy opened its doors to seventy students on May 6, 1829 and flourished until Abbot Academy and Phillips Academy merged on June 28, 1973. As an ad-hoc committee of the Alumni Council, Abbot@Andover celebrates and facilitates interaction among Abbot Alumnae and perpetuates Abbot's spirit within the Andover Community. Committee Objectives: IDENTIFY Academy Commitment. ENHANCE Communication. INSPIRE Connectivity.

The Brace Center for Gender Studies at Phillips Academy The Brace Center for Gender Studies at Phillips Academy was opened in 1996 with a generous gift from Abbot Academy alumna Donna Brace Ogilvie '30, contributions from others and a start-up grant from the Abbot Academy Association. Its aim is to provide resources to enhance and strengthen Phillips Academy as a coeducational and multicultural institution by examining the complex issues related to gender, including sexuality, race and ethnicity. Abbot@Andover continues to partner with Dr. Flavia Vidal, Director of the Brace Center, to strengthen the relationship between the Center and Abbot alumnae. Please visit the alumni/ae and parents event calendar for upcoming campus and regional events.

The Abbot Archives Project If interested in additional information, please contact Paige Roberts, director of Archives and Special Collections at 978-749-4069 or by e-mail at

Af-Lat-Am Alumni, ad-hoc

Cochairs: Nick Olmo '98, Terri Stroud '88 Members: Teri Alexander ’00, Malieka Bundy ’88, Carolyn Chica '08, Ruben Diaz '84, Alba Disla '15, Willie Ivey '68, Tiffany Joseph '00, Adjatay Nyadjroh '03, and Franco Torres ’96

The Af-Lat-Am Alumni committee was established in 2018. Its mission is threefold:

1. To connect Af-Lat-Am alumni to each other and the Andover community at large through a variety of social, cultural, educational, and professional programs and activities

2. To promote broad-based Af-Lat-Am alumni engagement and participation in the life and support of the Academy

3. To facilitate opportunities for Af-Lat-Am and other alumni to live the values of the Academy for the benefit of Andover, our communities, and the world

Alumni Admission Representatives Committee

Cochairs: Angela K. Cheng Matsuzawa '93, Duncan E. Robinson '84 Members: Ayodele T. Adesanya '05, James A. Flynn '07, Ann M. Gerschefski '88, Nashira C. Layade '97, Sandra S. Leung '02, John P. McCubbin '74, Deborah Y. Mei '83, Suzanne E. Pinto '89, Thomas L. Rodgers '88, Elizabeth W. Rogers '89, Katherine F. Schulte '96, and Jenny W. Sharp '04

The Alumni Admission Representatives Committee provides for the mutual exchange of information between alumni admissions representatives (AARs) and the Phillips Academy Admission Office. It is generally responsible for advising the Admission Office on issues concerning alumni admission representatives and reporting to the Alumni Council on issues of importance to the Admission Office. Focused on enhancing and preserving the efficacy and integrity of the AAR program, members of the AAR committee promote the recruitment of new AARs, demonstrate and uphold AAR interviewing best practices, provide guidance and support to other AARs, and serve as regional leaders and points of contact for local AARs and prospective families. Members are selected from the pool of experienced, currently-active alumni admission representatives.

Log-in here to the Andover Candidate Portal if you are an AAR.

There are currently more than 650 Alumni Admission Representatives who interview for us around the world. Interested in becoming an AAR? Please contact Jo LaBelle, AAR Coordinator/Office Manager in Admissions at We are actively looking for AARs living in Canada, All of Asia and Vietnam in particular, as well as Central United States!

Alumni Communications Committee

Cochairs: Jennifer Amstutz '86, Ethan J. Schmertzler '07 Members: John G. Clark '69, Lydia C. Dallett '08, Sandra J. Hull '58, Edward G. McEnroe '85, Geoffrey S. Richards '75, Ethan J. Schmertzler '07, Nathan S. Scott '05, and Valla Vakili '91

The Alumni Communications Committee's (ACC) primary functions are facilitating communication among the Alumni Council's (AC) committees, as well as engaging and informing AC's diverse constituencies. In this regard, ACC researches and recommends best practices and tools for AC communication on an ongoing basis, as determined by the performance of existing communications initiatives. Working in close collaboration with the Office of Alumni Engagement, ACC also supports said communication through training, guidance, and creation of content. Finally, ACC keeps the entire alumni body informed of AC achievements and the opportunity to connect through volunteer opportunities led by AC.

Andover Alumni Award of Distinction, ad-hoc

Chair: Michael Schmertzler '70 Vice Chair: Emily Bernstein '86 Members: Anstiss Bowser Agnew '67, Darryl Cohen '92, David Constantine '97, Paul A. Hochman '82, Nobu Ishizuka '78, Anthea Letsou '77, Johnson Lightfoote '69, Murrey Nelson '80.

The Andover Alumni Award of Distinction Committee is an ad hoc committee of the Andover Alumni Council. The Committee sets its own direction and work. It is responsible for ensuring the group stays true to the purpose statement and selects the most deserving recipients for the award. The Andover Alumni Awards of Distinction are presented by the Alumni Council to recognize distinguished alumni and alumnae from the more than 20 thousand living alumni around the globe. The Award recognizes and honors alumni/ae of Phillips Academy or Abbot Academy who have served with distinction in their fields of endeavor. The recipients’ accomplishments and contributions shall have embodied the values of Andover/Abbot and shall have had a significant positive impact on their communities, society, or the world.

For 2020, the Alumni Council of Phillips Academy, on behalf of all alumni, selected the following three alumni to receive the Andover Alumni Award of Distinction: Christine Balling '86, Susan Chira '76, Barry McCaffrey '60.

Learn more about the Andover Alumni Award of Distinction, view a list of past recipients, or nominate an alumna/us.

Andover and the Military, ad-hoc

Chair: Jim Donnelly ’82 (USN) Members: Charles S. Dean '79 (US Army), Capt Rob Patrick ’88 (USN), Christine Balling ’86, Tom Beaton ’73, 1LT Karl Novick ’07 (USMC), LCDR Laurie Coffey ’95 (USN), George Rider ’51 (USN), LT Livy Coe ’04 (USN), Don Way ’63 (USMC), Robert Tuller ’82 (USN), LtCol Kenny Weiner ’96 (USAF).

In the spring of 2011, a group of Alumni Council members launched an initiative called “Andover and the Military” as a way to recognize Phillips Academy men and women who have served in the U.S. military, to reconnect them with the broader Andover community, and to encourage discussions among students, alumni, faculty, staff, and friends of the Academy about the military, its history, and its connections to the school.

Committee Objectives:

  • Student and School Engagement
  • Veteran and Active Duty Engagement
  • Education – Erik Kristensen Scholarship. Full scholarships are available for qualifying students with family members in the military through the Erik Kristensen '91 Memorial Scholarship Program.
  • Campus Memorials

Learn more about the Andover and the Military initiatives.

Annual Giving Board

Cochairs: Anna S. Durham '78, Daniel A. Lasman '73 Members: George H. Billings '68, Mae C. Bradshaw '62, Francisco X. Contreras '91, Tobey H. Duble '06 , Jenny F. Elkus '92, Henry H. Frankievich '07, Lincoln D. Herrington '16, Kevin K. Kwong '95, Alexander R. McHale '09, Jennifer S. Myung '98, Leila J. Shields '93, Kent A. Strong '89, Ruth B. Weiner '66, andJustin J. Yi '06

The Annual Giving Board is a valuable sounding board to the Office of Academy Resources for fund-raising policies and strategies. Its mission is threefold:

  1. to broaden the base of alumni advice and support to ensure a more successful annual class and reunion giving campaign;
  2. to educate board members and provide them an opportunity to influence the outcome of the annual fund raising program at Andover; and
  3. to advise the Annual Giving team in areas of solicitation strategy and implementation and in the recruitment and involvement of volunteers.

Members are alumni/ae who are class agents or otherwise actively engaged in fund-raising for Andover. To learn more about becoming a class agent, please contact Kristin Faivre.

Athletics Committee

Cochairs: Minor Myers III '96, Susan Jenkins Warren '79 Members: Amanda Q. Adams '93, Lee S. Apgar '78, Bret D. Asbury '96, Nathaniel M. Cartmell III '69, Hee-Jin Chang '05, Quinn W. Daly '13, Maria L. Elias '82, Oriekose E. Idah '11, Terrell L. Ivory '00, George S. Rider '51, Jonathan H. Talcott '80, and Kiersten E. Todt '90

In recognition of the central role played by athletics at all levels to the experience of Andover students, the Athletics Committee is responsible for promoting good relations between the Athletic Program and Department and alumni, parents, and current students. The Committee meets regularly with Athletic Department administrators to discuss issues of current and continuing concern. The Committee also takes primary responsibility for the process through which individuals and teams are selected for induction into the Andover Athletic Hall of Honor.

The Andover Athletic Hall of Honor-Statement of Purpose: To recognize and honor alumni, teams, and coaches from Phillips and Abbot academies who displayed exceptional athletic ability on the field and who continue to lead a life that embodies the values of the academies. The 2019 inductees are Mike Bassett '59; Richard Gelb '41 (d), P'69, GP'05; Catherine von Klemperer Utzschneider '73; Julie Wadland '06; 1948 Football Team. Please see a full list of previous inductees.

If you would like to nominate an alumna/alumnus, please complete the Nomination Form.

Class Secretaries

Cochairs: Joseph P. Kahn '67, Deidra Willis '09 Members: Darryl T. Cohen '92, Regina A. DeMeo '90, Devontae A. Freeland '15, Lauren J. Kelleher '07, William G. Lindsey '10, Marcia B. McCabe '73, and Ian M. Schmertzler '05

The Class Secretaries Committee builds and reinforces mutually supportive relationships among class secretaries and between them and the school. The Committee helps class secretaries foster lasting relationships between and among classmates, maintain communications and cohesion within their classes, and perpetuate class members’ ties with the school. It provides guidance to incoming class secretaries, serves as a primary link among all class secretaries, and represents their common interests to school administrators and staff. It explores and encourages the use of new technology to improve alumni communications. The committee demonstrates the purposeful role that class secretaries and class notes can play as catalysts for engagement and inclusion. Members are current or former class secretaries.

Additional information and resources for Class Secretaries are available on the Class Notes page.

Equity and Inclusion

Cochairs: Brian E. Gittens '89, Samantha M. Shih '99 Members: Jessica D. Acosta-Chavez '06, Leah Bradford Francis '95, Sarah S. Chang '05, Jane C. Demers '73, Michael Y. Fang '95, Kristen T. Faulkner '11, Malik D. Jenkins '09, Sondra E. Jenkins '70, E. Soo Kwak '98, Sarah Lau '02, Chloe L. Lewis '02, Bruno D. Marino '73, S. Adam Simha '84,

The Equity and Inclusion Committee partners with the Office of Academy Resources in serving as a catalyst for lifetime engagement of alumni from every quarter. The committee works to foster an alumni community in which all members feel included, empowered and engaged- regardless of their expression of identity. This committee endeavors to plan and execute programming that demonstrates the values of an equitable, inclusive and just community- off “the hill”.

The Andover, the magazine of Phillips Academy features alumni stories about identity. These “Out of the Blue” narratives are inspired by a student-led project of the same name, first published in December 2013. That groundbreaking publication featured nearly 90 stories collected from recent and current Andover students chronicling experiences related to seven identity areas: class, race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, geographic origin, and (dis)ability. Please e-mail your 350-word story, a brief bio, and a high-res photo of yourself to

Regional Volunteers Committee

Cochairs: Janis Scanlon '03, Henry R. Tilghman '84 Members: Chrystal L. Akor '00, Andrew M. Ang '09, Hillary S. Brendzel '97, Quincy R. Evans '96, Jessica L. Gonzalez '91, Matthew J. Gorski '09, Julian J. Jacobson '06, Sung C. Nam '98, Douglas D. Pirnie Jr. '65, Mara B. Raphael '91, , Brandon L. Stroman '97, Daniel H. Taylor '06, and Alexandra M. Tuller '85

The Regional Volunteers Committee (RVC) fosters opportunities for members of the Andover community to engage with the Academy and each other where they live, work, and play. The RVC guides and supports regional volunteers in building and strengthening connections among students, parents, and alumni in their regions.

If you are interested in learning more about regional activity, please contact Crystal McGuire in the Office of Alumni Engagement.

Non Sibi Committee

Cochairs: Candace N. Douglas '00,Taylor R. Yates '04 Members: Tantum S. Collins '08, Stefan H. Cushman '87, James S. Donnelly '82, Alexa N. Franchot '03, Michael D. Gottesman '98, Jessica L. Herbster '90, Christopher J. Leggett '78, Michael Megalli '89, Alex B. Min '87, Nneka Mobisson '92, Jenny N. Rademacher '83, Matthew J. Ramsey Garza '04, Eric D. Stockman '91, Jessie Ting '99, and Ann N. Walters '78

Non sibi, "not for self," originated as the motto of Phillips Academy in 1782 when the words were cast by Paul Revere as part of the school's seal. Today, as then, the words speak to the school's mission to educate students in a way that combines knowledge and goodness and inspires them to serve and lead on behalf of others. The cornerstone project of this committee is Non Sibi Weekend – a global weekend of service involving a collective effort of outreach, planning and organizing service projects around the world.

Non Sibi Weekend is meant to inspire lifelong commitment to community engagement through service and learning. In addition to Non Sibi Weekend, the committee also takes seriously its mission to serve as a catalyst for year-round expressions of the Non Sibi spirit. Upcoming Non Sibi projects are available on the Alumni & Parent Events Calendar.

Being a project leader is easy!

Do you have an organization that you currently work with? Schedule a date for a group volunteer day and let us know! We will manage the registration and help to promote your service project. If this will be your first time leading a project, our detailed toolkit for volunteers will assist with your planning.