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Class Notes

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We all travel life's path in different ways. Class Notes is a fun and informative section of Andover magazine that provides an outlet for Abbot and Andover alumni to stay connected and keep up to date on classmates' personal and professional milestones, photos, adventures in travel, and more.

In order to protect the privacy of our alumni contributors, the Class Notes section of Andover magazine is viewable only by members of the Andover community through the print edition of the magazine.

What's New with You?

Get married? Move? Change your email address? Let PA know! You can update your information by visiting, emailing or sending a note to:

Alumni Records
Phillips Academy
180 Main St.
Andover, MA 01810

What is a class secretary?

Class secretaries serve in order to provide a continuing connection among classmates as well as maintain an active dialog between alumni and the Phillips Academy & Abbot Academy community at large. Secretaries are obligated to contribute written notes for each installment of Andover, the Magazine of Phillips Academy. These notes may consist of any pertinent developments in the lives of classmates and their immediate families or related alumni. The notes may include milestones such as marriages, births and career as well as any contributions from classmates in the form of anecdotes, perspective or editorial on subjects both related and unrelated to the Academy. Secretaries are not limited to publishing only that information submitted directly by classmates but may relate any relevant information or anecdote they are made aware of within the bounds of good discretion. Secretaries are not required to seek permission from individual classmates to publish anecdotes about them but must limit such reporting to the factual and inoffensive. It is the stated purpose of the secretaries to relate the news and contributions of the class so that all may better know the circumstances of their fellow alumni. Secretaries must make a concerted effort to correspond with any and all members of the class as well as solicit information from classmates on those members they have not successfully reached. The use of social media is encouraged.

Contact List

Secretaries must actively maintain a list by which to contact classmates electronically, by phone, or by mail. The contact list should include any nicknames commonly used for classmates. If the secretaries wish to use such nicknames in the notes, they must be included in the contact list. Classmates for whom records are inaccurate or do not exist must be noted and such information related to the Office of Alumni Engagement. Class lists will be furnished to successive secretaries by prior serving secretaries and the Office of Alumni Engagement.

News from the Academy

Class secretaries may be called upon to disseminate information or announcements from Phillips Academy to classmates via the means detailed in the contact list or by social media. Class secretaries may at their own discretion relate news of the Academy or alumni outside of the publication of the notes as they see fit.


Each class will elect a minimum of two and a maximum of three Secretaries to serve a five year term. Elections will take place on campus at the time of the five year class reunion. New secretaries may be nominated by any member of the class and confirmed by simple majority vote. Retiring secretaries are responsible for conducting the election of their successors and relating the results to the Office of Alumni Engagement. Secretaries may be nominated to and serve repeat terms indefinitely. It is the responsibility of the secretaries to determine how to share the duties of their appointment. If secretaries fail to submit notes for two successive issues of Andover or four issues over the period of their tenure, the Office of Alumni Engagement will confer with the Class Secretaries Committee to determine if a new secretary(ies) needs to be identified.