Alumni Council

The Alumni Council was founded in 1946 and is the governing body of the Andover-Abbot Alumni Association.  The Council seeks to promote beneficial relations, especially by serving as a liaison between alumni and the Academy and by strengthening connections among alumni. 

The Council includes approximately 140 members serving four-year terms. Each year 30-40 new members are appointed to replace those who complete their service.  The new members are approved by the Executive Committee of the Council, acting upon a slate submitted by its Nominating Committee. Upon agreeing to serve, each new member is asked to join one of the Council’s eight standing committees

To enrich the lives of our alumni by inspiring them to live the values of the Academy and to be a catalyst for lifetime engagement.

What the Alumni Council does:

  • The Alumni Council recognizes alumni for accomplishment and distinction in their fields and as volunteers serving the interests of the Academy in a variety of ways.
  • In alternating years, the Council oversees the nominations that lead to the election of two Alumni Trustees who serve four-year terms on the Board of Trustees.
  • The Alumni Council welcomes the newly graduated class into alumni status.
  • The President presides over the Annual Meeting of the Alumni Association each year on reunion weekend.
  • The Alumni Council President serves a three-year term on the Board of Trustees.
  • The Alumni Council chooses new members each year in such a way as to recognize significant volunteer service and provide a living profile of the entire alumni body.

Get Involved

Each spring, the Nominating Committee contacts candidates who have been suggested for membership, as well as those who have expressed an interest for themselves. Candidates are asked to complete a brief statement of interest, indicating volunteer activities for Andover and how their background/experience will contribute to the Council’s activities. In recent years, there have been more candidates than positions available, so it may take 1-3 years before each candidate can be invited to join.

Expectations of membership include serving a four-year term;  attending on-campus meetings of the Council twice each year; attending a mandatory orientation meeting during the fall meeting; actively participating on an Alumni Council standing committee; helping to organize and participating in Non Sibi projects and other alumni events in their regions; and contributing to the Andover Fund on a yearly basis, as individual circumstances allow.

If you're interested in joining the Council, or nominating an alumna/us, please contact Karleigh Antista in the Office of Alumni Engagement.

Alumni Council Leadership 

Steve Matloff '91, President
Doug D'Agata '88, Vice President
Marisa Connors Hoyt '99, Vice President
Tracy Mullings Reed '92, Vice President

In 2015, the Alumni Council inaugurated the Tom Beaton Challenge - a goal set forth every year for 100% participation in the Annual Fund by members of the Alumni Council. In 2018, the Alumni Council had a 


participation rate!