Willie Ivey ’68

Director, Abbot Academy Fund.

Willie came to Andover for his upper and senior years. He is a founding member and first President of Af-Lat-Am. After Andover Willie attended Eastbourne College in the United Kingdom for a post graduate year. Following Eastbourne, Willie attended the University of Virginia where he graduated in 1974 with a degree in History,

While at the University of Virginia, Willie developed an interest in computers. After graduating Willie worked for the University Medical Center as a Systems programmer. He left the University in 1975 to go work for Digital Equipment Corporation. In 1978 Willie Left DEC to go work for Tymnet, one of the first worldwide public packet network operators. In 1981 Willie joined Equatorial Communications, the company that revolutionized satellite communications by developing the first small dish receiving system.

In 1984 Willie left Equatorial and started a small business. Later that year he joined Scicom Research as VP of Marketing. In 1988 Willie left Scicom to focus on his consulting practice. In 1990 Willie joined Scientific Games to work on the design and implementation of networks to serve lottery terminals. In 2001 Willie joined Automated Wagering another Lottery Systems vendor. Willie went to work for Mitel in 2005. Willie retired from corporate life in 2008. Since that time he has focused on web development and providing consulting services on technology to non-profits like churches.

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