The Academic Enterprise

In so many ways, Andover’s instructors embody both knowledge and goodness. They are teachers and mentors. They are innovators and inspirers. The campaign placed faculty at the forefront—with donors partnering with them to fortify a learning experience unrivaled in secondary education.

  • Benefactors invested nearly $17.5 million to attract and retain instructors across 19 academic fields.
  • During the campaign, the number of teaching foundations grew to 92 strong. Many bolstered senior faculty, department heads, and administrators across the school, while others recognized rising faculty for their burgeoning impact on Andover’s scholastic life.
  • Faculty benefited from new professional development funds, which widely support those who participate in conferences and symposia or attend courses and other programming that heighten their subject knowledge and classroom acumen.
  • Each year, instructors launched fresh and timely courses— many interdisciplinary in nature—including Astrobiology, Ethics and Technology, and Natural Causes: How Climate Change Wrote History.

I’ll never forget my three years as an oboist in the Academy Symphony Orchestra...I can still hear the notes. I can still feel the swing. When I invest in Andover, I invest in that feeling—and all the great teachers who still give so much to their students.

Paul Hochman ’82