Life-Changing Financial Aid

Andover is a pioneer in need-blind admission. A pledge that expresses so well our mission-driven call to educate “youth from every quarter” based on their talents and promise alone. Knowledge & Goodness has elevated this charge, and investments in financial aid endowment have made it more secure than ever.

  • PA donors supported financial aid above any other campaign priority—with 8,453 contributing to all forms of aid, and 1,779 committing $104.8 million toward endowment resources.  
  • Financial aid is now approximately 80 percent endowed at Andover (rising from 60 percent), essential growth that will sustain the school’s ability to meet every student’s demonstrated need.
  • In total, 95 new fully and partially endowed scholarships were established during the life of the campaign, increasing the Academy total to 613.
  • Campaign contributors also boosted student experience funds, which help the Academy pay for SAT testing, subsidize college application fees, offer free health care, and much more—all to ensure an equitable and inclusive education at Andover.


of PA students rely on crucial scholarship assistance


financial aid awarded annually


Consecutive years of need-blind admission


loans issued by Andover

By The Numbers