Learning in the World

Every student who wishes can now join the school’s Learning in the World (LITW) experiences. And every offering encourages our students to see themselves, humanity, and the environment from diverse perspectives. Throughout the pandemic, virtual solutions were artfully designed, but now in-person opportunities have returned. So have unmatched moments that take learning beyond the classroom and cultivate a lifetime of curiosity.

  • More than 670 young learners have engaged in LITW programs over the past six years, gaining new cultural perspectives and developing global competencies.
  • Today, LITW experiences are fully need-blind and nearly 50 percent of students count on this integral aid.
  • This year, students will travel to 10 domestic and international locales, including Puerto Rico, Finland, and Portugal, a Performing in the World destination where students will play multiple concerts.
  • LITW currently supports four academic classes, including Clay and the Ancestral Pot, to further promote place-based learning and intercultural understanding.
Sebastian ’23

Perspectives from Sebastian ’23

I traveled with Learning in the World for Civil Rights: The American Story, which examined the slave trade, 20th-century immigration, the 1960s Civil Rights Movement, and the ongoing narrative of social justice.

This lens into civil rights was something I could connect with and understand. I’ve found that there is no substitute for exploring histories at the physical locations in which they transpired.

We walked the same path enslaved individuals trod from ships to the auction block in Montgomery, Alabama. We visited the National Memorial for Peace and Justice and stood underneath the hundreds of steel columns representing those Black Americans who have been lynched. These experiences transport you and remind you that these events did not happen all that long ago. To share the trip with my classmates, and to have the opportunity to learn from their viewpoints and those of our instructors, was just incredible.