A Bold Vision. 

Launched in September 2017, Knowledge & Goodness: The Andover Campaign forged a bold vision for teaching and learning—and sparked an outpouring of generosity that changed the trajectory of the Academy forever. It’s a journey of shared and stunning impact.


Raised for Andover’s educational mission


Donors spanning 50 states 80+ countries


First-time supporters


Legacy giving donors contributing $22.6M


Leadership-level benefactors


Campaign gifts from PA families


Abbot Academy classes represented


Donors to Outreach programs raising $11.8M

Making it Count

Campaign Moments

  1. September


    Knowledge & Goodness campaign launches

  2. Snyder Center



    Snyder Center opens

  3. Richard T. Greener Quad



    Richard T. Greener Quadrangle dedicated

  4. October


    Campaign reaches $200M mark

  5. Three Dancers



    Abbot Academy Fund’s largest-ever grant promotes dance

I am so grateful to the many donors that made the Knowledge & Goodness campaign a success. In particular, the fact that we had a record number of donors, and a record number of new donors, speaks to the vitality of our community...It speaks to continuity and building for the future.

Amy Falls ’82, P’19, ’21 Campaign Co-Chair and Trustee President

The breadth of the campaign’s impact is tremendous. Financial aid is particularly close to my heart, because I couldn’t have attended PA without it, and now a new generation of students will benefit from our renewed and collective commitment. What an achievement.

Joseph Bae ’90, P’21, ’23, ’26, ’26 Campaign Co-Chair and Trustee Emeritus

When we opened the campaign under John Palfrey’s leadership, there was so much promise ahead—and now, that promise is being fulfilled. Andover’s program is compelling, the intellectual life is rich, and the students and faculty are extraordinary.

Peter Currie ’74, P’03 Campaign Co-Chair and Trustee President Emeritus
Cochran Chapel arches

Always Progressing

The celebration of our Knowledge & Goodness campaign is not the end point, but rather a new beginning. 

Fueled by your generosity, the campaign has proven essential in elevating the Andover experience—and its success will continue to reverberate. It also brings us to an inflection point, an opportunity to consider our school’s next iteration. 

Our mission to educate “youth from every quarter” will forever be our guide. Thanks to all that our campaign donors have made possible, we begin the future from a position of strength and gratitude.


Raynard S. Kington, MD, PhD, P’24
Head of School

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