Living at Andover Summer

We are thrilled to be able to bring students to campus for the five week academic program in 2021, as we believe strongly in the value added by in-person learning experiences. Residential life in all boarding school settings has been altered dramatically by the current pandemic, but bringing students together to live and learn from one another is more important than ever before. We are committed to finding new and creative ways to ensure that a summer spent on campus is enjoyable and transformative, but most importantly, safe for all students and adults in our community.

Andover Summer cultivates an environment where students are independent and self-sufficient, yet they still receive ample guidance and support from experienced and caring faculty. Residential students live together in a variety of dormitories around campus. The dormitories vary in size, ranging from five to 45 students with a house counselor to student ratio of nine to one. The dormitories at Andover Summer are more than just a place to study and sleep, they provide students with the opportunity to develop lasting friendships and experiences.

All of the dormitories have wireless access, and students are provided with a login and email address upon arrival. Every dormitory room is outfitted with bed linens, a pillow, blanket, towels, and a fan. Laundry machines are available in most dormitories and are pay-per-load; laundry service is available for an additional charge. The Andover Summer Student Packing List details a range of items you should plan on bringing or purchasing locally.

The Upper School Blue Book is an essential resource for Upper School students and parents alike, as it details community expectations and values for this summer. The Lower School Institute Blue Book is an essential resource for LSI students and parents alike. We expect that the Andover Summer Blue Book will be used to inform daily decisions and hope it will provide both the guiding principles and the practical details needed to thrive during the summer. All students and families should read this handbook carefully, and will receive an updated version to save for future reference upon enrollment.

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Cluster System

Andover’s goal is to bring to campus talented students “from every quarter” who can enjoy the advantages of its size while at the same time feel adequately supported and part of the community. Our cluster system, house counselors, and student activities office are some of the resources that provide our students with support and activities that enrich their experience. Our residential education programs help students maintain a healthy lifestyle and address issues that concern young people today.

Andover Summer typically welcomes over 650 students to campus. Modeled after the Regular Session, Andover Summer utilizes the Cluster System throughout the residential community. The Cluster System is composed of five geographic areas on campus, and all of the residential buildings, their house counselors, and students are included in the cluster. Each cluster is assigned a Cluster Dean whose primary responsibilities include:

  • knowing all of the students in the cluster
  • working closely with the team of house counselors to ensure the safety and general well-being of students within the cluster
  • working with student leaders to organize and orchestrate social activities for the cluster and to address issues pertaining to the cluster
  • overseeing academic issues of students in the cluster
  • overseeing discipline and chairing the discipline committee
  • serving as the point person for special permissions
  • being available to students and parents for information and advice

Weekend Activities

Led by the regular session student activities team, Andover Summer has traditionally featured a wide array of on- and off-campus activities. The activities range from dances held in Borden Gym to whale watching and occur every weekend throughout Summer Session. In an effort to ensure that students have a chance to explore Boston, there are a number of trips to downtown in which the students may investigate the historic city. Andover Summer believes in a sense of fun and adventure in and out of the classroom and ensures that every student has access to the activities offered. Following the successful completion of the modified quarantine upon arrival, we anticipate offering students a range of opportunities to socialize on campus (from laser tag to dance competitions to trivia challenges, there will be something for everyone), as well as off-campus weekend trips to outdoor locations like Boston, Hampton Beach, and local ice cream/mini golf fun centers.

Weekday Afternoon Activities

The weekday afternoon activity offerings are recreational in nature but an outstanding opportunity to take advantage of the robust athletic facilities and fields. Students request their activity options through Parent Portal upon enrollment, and may select one activity to attend. Typical offerings include:

Basketball · Cardio Kickboxing · Dance · Fitness · Outdoor Games · Power Walking · Soccer· Spinning · Squash · Swim Instruction · Tennis · Volleyball · Yoga

Advising Program

Students enrolled in Andover Summer, both those who live on campus and those who commute as day students, are assigned an advisor throughout the five week program. Advisors strive to make a personal connection with each student and guide them through the summer, assisting students with a range of questions, challenges, and successes they may experience over the course of the five weeks. The key to a successful Andover Summer is a healthy balance of academic, social, extracurricular, and personal activities.